2018 memes are awful and cringey. We got the worst memes ever, like Ugandan Knuckles, the Globglogabgalab, and Lord Farquaad E. This s**t needs to stop now! We need the older memes, like Troll Face, for example. The older memes are actually funny and can be used in dank ways, but 2018 memes are actually blatant rip off memes!

Ugandan Knuckles -vs- Sanic Edit

Knuckles is a character from the video game franchise of Sonic The Hedgehog. We had a hell-of-a-lot-of memes relating to Sonic. The most significant example would be Sanic, which is a horrible fan made drawing of Sonic, the title character of the video game franchise. Sanic is not an isolated meme. It is a piece of MLG, which is a sub category of older memes including Mtn Dew and Doritos. Sometimes, the meme is not in MLG, but it is used in ways that need the meme to continue, usually with the Sonic theme music in earrape. Ugandan Knuckles, on the other hand, does not even feel like it is related to Sonic (basically a fat version of the character Knuckles) and cannot be used in a meme sub category such as MLG. Sure, people have teamed it up with the Papa Bear's Spaghetti meme, but it does not have a home like Sanic. True, Ugandan Knuckles had some good moments, like the Ice Age song parody, but it is not expandable like Sanic. No matter how much you try to expand the Ugandan Knuckles meme, it always stays within the very own borders of the meme. In other words, it is not really that expandable. And there have been other Uganda memes too, like "Eat Da Poo Poo". Ugandan Knuckles is a cross over meme that should not exist, like the movie that crossed over Alien with Predator.

Ugandan Knuckles is a rip off of Sanic, which is the better meme. And Ugandan Knuckles is like the AVP of memes: It is an unnecessary crossover that does not deserve to exist.

Tide Pods -vs- Clorox Edit

Another meme from the same time as that of the Ugandan Knuckles meme, the Tide Pod meme started off from stupid teenagers daring each other to eat Tide Pods, (and posting the tide pod challenge videos on social media). Tide Pods are poisonous cleaning materials specifically for washing clothes. But a couple years ago this same damn thing happened with Clorox. Clorox is an iconic brand of bleach. There was a joke about drinking it and a joke about the different types of Clorox that the company made, such as fresh meadow scented Clorox, for example. The Tide Pod meme is not really significant for being as expandable as the meme of Clorox.

The Tide Pod meme was not all that bad, but it was exceedingly dull af and was not as expandable as Clorox.

Tide-pod-memes--bleach-memes-602x980 (1)
The image to the right pretty much sums up my thoughts on Tide Pods.

I am surprised to see someone had the same idea as me.

Savage Patrick -vs- Troll Face Edit

Savage Patrick is pretty much Troll Face all over again, except Savage Patrick is very dull and does not seem to have the emotion and humor that the Troll Face meme had. Troll Face is funny and has a sense of humor to it, especially when put into context. Savage Patrick does not even look savage at all. It looks extremely dull.

T pose -vs- Dab Edit

T posing has been referred to as the new dab, which makes sense. T posing is a rip off of the dab! At least the dab has motion and context to it! The T pose is just standing up with your arms out, which makes zero sense.

However, t-posing is the prequel to dabbing, in other words you can dab when you t-pose.

Lord Farquaad E -vs- Just about every Shrek meme ever Edit

This is a tricky meme. And it is stupid. I am guessing a rip off of Shrek memes since it is a picture of Farquaad? I don't f**king know. XD E was probably the stupidest meme ever.

#maketheinternetdankagain Edit

We need to bring back the older memes and get rid of this retarded s**t! We need All Star, Donald Trump memes, The Bee Movie, Crash Bandicoot's Woah, Yee, the Lazy Town memes! You know, the good stuff!

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