Legends of Chima overthrows star wars, the basic plot of star wars is autistic children fighting for no reason. At least Legends of CHIMA gives the characters a reason for fighting. And star wars is the same damn sh*t: Government vs some form of insurrection. (In other words, the same damn thing in a different coat of paint) True, they change up who is the good guy and introduces new characters like in LoC, but the three wars of LoC put in some form of a diverse twist, be it a civil war, then a war with clans alien to CHIMA, and then resurrected enemies from centuries back along with the interesting plot twist of Laval meeting God in the form of a Phoenix. Yes, there was a plot twist in Empire with Vader being Luke's dad, but the plot twist felt dull and the emotion is just missing! LoC gives a far more interesting, diverse, and complex plotline than star wars. Also, LoC has Conservative and Christian moral values whereas star wars is a blatant rip off of Nazi propaganda films of the early 40s. The only star wars movie that is even enjoyable is the 2003 Clone Wars, but just barely. All the other movies are just dull, even the original movies from 20th Century Fox. If you want to watch a space fantasy from Fox, watch Titan Æ or Alien.

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