Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex was a good game, and it had a good ending, with Crunch Bandicoot being redeemed and Cortex being sent to Antarctica, finally being defeated.

But even then, we still had Crash games after that. And to me, they didn't really feel like Crash games. Especially Twinsanity. I don't hate any of the games, I love the Crash Bandicoot franchise! It's my second favorite video game franchise following Halo. But Twinsanity did not feel like a Crash game.

Crash Bandicoot games normally are games with short simple levels that you can go back to for collecting gems to 100% complete the game. But Twinsanity was a storyline game where you can't go back. And it felt average to me. Though, Twinsanity made improvments from its' predecesors, such as giving the game a storyline and the levels where you play as Cortex, that was a nice touch.

*by the way, I haven't played all of the Crash games. I played the original game, Wrath of Cortex, Nitro Kart, and Twinsanity. Twinsanity was the first one I played.

When I played Twinsanity, I was impressed to see what Crash Bandicoot games were like. But then I played Wrath of Cortex, which I just love, but I realized there were severe differences between the two games. I also played Nitro Kart, which I see some differences, but some similarities to WoC too.

Errors Edit

I also found Twinsanity to have errors and inconsistencies.

First of all, we see Cortex frozen in ice like he was in Antarctica, but he was in Nitro Kart, which came before Twinsanity. My impression would be that Nitro Kart happens after Twinsanity, but Twinsanity gives Nitrus Oxide a cameo, which we never saw until Nitro Kart. And Twinsanity ended with Cortex being inside Crashs' head. Weird ending, but there is a severe distortion of continuity here. Twinsanity can't be canon to Crash Bandicoot.

Also, early in the game when Cortex ambushes Crash, all of the villains are there, and Crunch is there! What's he doing there, wasn't he redeemed at the end of WoC? Your justification against my claim may be that Crunch was lied to, believing there was a party there. Better yet, why is he even there in the first place?!?!?! He wouldn't listen to Cortex, and he would think he was in Antarctica.

I know this next part has nothing to do with continuity errors, but it is quite an inconsistency. Remember when there was all of that TNT and Crash went all the way to that small ice berg in the middle of the ocean, and Nefarious Tropy asks Crash about treasure? This makes me ask a lot of questions. What were Tropy and N-Bryo doing on a small ice berg in the middle of the ocean, and what treasure are they talking about?

That one small part of the game needs a lot of explaining.

Getting back on topic, Edit

I don't hate Twinsanity, I understand if you like it but I find it to have inconsistencies with its' predecesors. For me, Wrath of Cortex was where Crash Bandicoot ended. And WoC was a really good game. I see it made a lot of improvments from the original game, if I dare say it. However, I heard people say the game is repetitive of Crash 3. I haven't played Crash 2 or 3 yet but I want to in order to investigate further for my claim. And Wrath of Cortex was a very nostalgic game to me. You see, nostalgia is like a presence that I sense in things. I have a visual in my head of what things are nostalgic, but I can't really express it.

But yeah, for me Crash Bandicoot ended at Wrath of Cortex.

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