Activision. One of the biggest publishing companies of gaming. I hear the company gets a lot of hate now, I don't have the effit to do research on why, but I decided to explain why I like them.

Keep in mind that I am not a rich person with internet and modern consoles. I have XBOX and PlayStation 2. I am a 2000s boi.

I stay in the 6th generation as that is the best time in gaming history. PlayStation 2 and XBOX are magnificent consoles! And the 2000s were good times, we had good games, we had movie based games, we didn't need internet to play games, no microtransactions or any of that.

Activision lasted a long time, and they made a lot of good games back then, some of my most favorite games for PS2.

Shrek 2 Edit

Activision is our Savior when it comes to Shrek video games. TDK gave us horrible Shrek games like Reeking Havoc and the worst Shrek game ever, Swamp Kart Speedway. Activision bought the rights to Shrek from TDK in 2003 and immediately blessed us with Shrek 2, a game notable for being really good and possibly considered to be the best Shrek game of all time. In 2005, they presented us with Shrek SuperSlam, which is in my opinion, the best/perfect fighting game. A Shrek fighting game! What more could you want? It's got so much! You can play as the main characters of Shrek/Shrek 2 and other characters made for the game, you can fight on any location in the Shrek universe, and you have different gameplay modes. Story mode, challenge, King of the Hill, and Slammageddon.

And better yet, there's a free mode where you can choose your location and characters and adjust gameplay options. Shrek SuperSlam is the perfect fighting game.

Activision also made other DreamWorks games like Madagascar, which is a really good game, and Kung Fu Panda, which is also good.

Marvel Games And Minority Report Edit

Activision also made some Marvel games. I love Marvel. Activision presented us with X-Men Legends. X-Men Legends is fantastic! And they also gave us the Spider Man movie game for PlayStation 2, which is considered to be one of the best games for the PlayStation 2. The studio under Activision that made Spider Man (Treyarch) also made the Minority Report video game, which is also awesome! It does feel sort of similar to Spider Man, but not in a way that makes it redundant or boring, Minority Report for the PlayStation 2 is an awesome game!

Ice Age Games Edit

To my disappointment, there are not many Ice Age video games, only 4. Activision presented us with the last two. Continental Drift Arctic Games was average, but enjoyable to play (I have it on Nintendo DS). But Dawn of the Dinosaurs was fantastic! DotD is probably the best Ice Age video game. It was released in 2009 for the PS2, XBOX 360, Wii, and PS3. I have it on PS2, of course. It has very solid gameplay and it's an actual video game adaptation of the movie, unlike the other 3 Ice Age video games that exist. It has Crash Bandicoot/Tomb Raider style game play as Buck, some levels as Sid, a level as Diego, a level as Manny, and some levels as the Squirrels. You pretty much play all the main characters in this game. It is one of my most favorite games for PlayStation 2.

Cabelas' Hunting Games Edit

I am not too crazy about Deer Hunt for the Xbox, though it is good, I will give it that. There's no PS2 game I'd rather play than Dangerous Hunts on PS2, a game about hunting dangerous game like Bears, Moose, Wolves, Caribou, Elk, etc.

There is quick hunt, where you hunt whatever you want to.

There is action zone, where you must fight animals and make it to portals to other places to fight more animals.

There is career hunt, which has challenges of killing certain animals with certain weapons, and charter where you hunt what you want. The charter and challenges make record of what you hunt. There is a menu where you may view all of your trophies and hunting records.

Would Activision be underrated by any chance? Edit

I don't know if Activision themselves were underrated, but a lot of their popular games like X Men Legends were praised and aged well. I am not a modern gamer, needless to remind you. Activision was really good back in the 6th generation and okay in the 7th. I don't know what's wrong with them now, but I am a fan of their works from the 2000s.

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