Halo 4 has been considered a bad game by some. I got an Xbox 360 so I could play the Halo games that it had, including Halo 4. I was unaware of the criticism Halo 4 was given until recently.

Here, I will discuss my thoughts on Halo 4.

Game Play And Controls Edit

The game play and controls are the two things that make a game playable. Halo 4 qualified in those two areas, but was different somewhat. The left stick button is held down to run, which I am glad is not a power up like in Halo Reach. Running can be useful, but the player can not shoot while running, which can be somewhat frustrating.

Story Edit

The story was not the best part about the game. It is set to happen 4 years after Halo 3 and is about John 117 trying to return and battle the Covenant more, except the Covenant are not as common as the Promethians. The story leaves a lot of questions unanswered that need to be answered:

  • How did the Elites return to the Covenant?
  • Why are the Grunts so different?
  • Who are the Promethians?
  • Why are the Covenant and the Promethians working together?
  • Who is the Didact?
  • Who is the Ancient Librarian, and what did she do to Chief?

The list goes on.

Also, I couldn't believe that Cortana died in Halo 4. And that captain guy, Andrew Del Rio was kind of a jerk to the Master Chief at times.

What are my thoughts on Halo 4? Edit

As a game, it's okay, maybe even good if I dare say it.

As a Halo game, it's not okay, it's not even great. It does not seem like a Halo game. I'm surprised I even knew I was playing a Halo game when I played Halo 4.

It's not terrible, but the story and content makes it feel nothing like a Halo game.

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