The PlayStation Classic was a huge disappointment to many. It was missing a lot of good games, and the console itself just sucks! I agree that it could have been better. This is my list of what I think could have made the PlayStation Classic way better than it is now.

The Console Itself Edit

The PlayStation Classic should have had analog controllers and a multitap or two for doing multiplayer games. And the cables should have been longer. The Classic should also been electricity powered instead of chargeable batteries. The HUD should also have a search bar so it can be easy to access games.

Games Edit

Here is a list of games that needed to be on the PlayStation Classic

  • Alien Resurrection - Great FPS game and underrated gem of the PlayStation
  • Alien Trilogy - Great Alien game, absolutely a classic.
  • Army Men 3D - It's a classic, enough said.
  • Atlantis The Lost Empire - Another great underrated gem of the PlayStation.
  • Cabela's Big Game Hunter - It was the game that started the huge Cabela's video game franchise.
  • Crash Bandicoot - I honestly don't like it but I know people love it so yeah
  • Croc Legend of the Gobbos - Classic, and good game.
  • Die Hard Trilogy - Best video game ever.
  • DHT 2 Viva Las Vegas - The good tie in to the best video game ever, and another good underrated gem.
  • Doom - Doom is a classic game. Enough has been said.
  • Final Fantasy games - because people like them. I myself don't care about them tbh
  • Gran Turismo - because it is a classic
  • Grand Theft Auto - I don't care about it but I know people love it.
  • Medal of Honor - one of the most revolutionary fps games ever, so it needs to be on the Classic
  • Metal Gear Solid - it's a classic, so it needs to be on there.
  • Rainbow Six - I like the game.
  • Tomb Raider - I hate this game but yeah it should be on there because people like it.
  • Tomba - people like it.
  • Treasure Planet - good underrated gem of PlayStation.
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