Treasure Planet is a third person action game released in 2002 by Disney Interactive for PlayStation 1.The game is based on the movie, Treasure Planet, and yet the game is more well known than the very movie it is based on. It is undoubtedly my favorite game for the PlayStation. There was also a PlayStation 2 game of Treasure Planet that totally sucked. But the game for PlayStation 1 is a pure classic!

The game play is indeed cliche and traditional, but that is why it is such a good game, is that it is not weird, straying off with confusing controls and such. However, there are also racing levels that have controls for piloting a solar surfer and other vehicles. And there are two boss fights with similar controls to the adventure levels. So it is not a confusing game to play. It is easily understandable and fun!

There are four worlds: Montressor, Crescentia the RLS Legacy, and Treasure Planet itself.

You can also collect coins and gems to buy things to help you progress in the game. This is indeed an awesome game that a true All Star would play! 10/10!

Treasure Planet full gameplay

Treasure Planet full gameplay

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