You know Star Wars, right? The villains were a bunch of dumb robots and guys in white armor and guys in black clothes who had these red thingies in their hands. Actually, they were the good guys. The Empire was only trying to keep peace and order in the galaxy, whereas the Rebel Alliance is a gang of terrorists! The main objective of the Rebellion is to bring back the Republic, which was corrupt and caused no good at all. Some of the leaders of the Rebellion are a smuggler (Han Solo), a traitor to the Empire (Lando), a senator who worked as a double agent (Leia).

Obi Wan was not part of the Rebellion, but he was a true villain as he brutally murdered Darth Maul, General Grievous, and Durge. He even maimed Darth Vader and left him to burn and suffer. He did not give him medical attention or kill him to ease his pain. 20 years later, he lied to Luke, telling him that Vader killed his father when he is his father. After defeating Vader, Obi Wan took his lightsaber. He then gives it to Luke, telling him that his father wanted him to have it. He lies yet again. Later on, he describes the city of Mos Eisley to Luke as a "wretched hive of scum and villanry" and yet has no problem talking to a smuggler (Han Solo) at a cantina in the city. Ironic! When they go to the Death Star to rescue Leia, he faces off against Vader yet again. Vader warns Obi Wan that he is stronger, but Obi Wan constantly threatens Vader and eventually uses the Force to vanish in to thin air. This baffles Darth Vader.

Palpatine took control of the Republic so that he could transform it into something that would make sense: The First Galactic Empire. To justify Order 66 and all of the Jedi killed in that purge, Order 66 has put at least some good effect on the galaxy, as the Jedi were twisted, wicked men. They claimed to be keepers of peace, but apparently are just Social Justice Warriors. They steal people's babies and raise them up to be like themselves, and without consent from the parents! Speaking of which, there is the purge of the Jedi, which included the Younglings. Killing them was a bit extreme, I will admit, but the Younglings were pretty much the planted seeds of the Jedi's poison. The issue could have been that killing them would have been the only solution, unfortunatley.

I did mention Obi Wan earlier, who was probably the most wicked of all the Jedi, as he has brutally killed several people. He was actually assigned to kill General Grievous! (And yet they claim to be peace keepers! Ironic.) Also, when the Jedi learned that Palpatine was a Sith, Jedi Master Mace Windu came in to arrest Palpatine, bringing three Jedi with him! Also, Palpatine had no bodyguards or anyone there and that was his private office, with four Jedi barging in. The Jedi are way out militant!

Also, going back to the Civil War, the Rebel Alliance is more prepared for war than the Empire is. The Empire's starfighters have a uniform design and not nearly as many guns as the Rebel ships, which do not have a uniform design and have multiple guns, rocket launchers, and turrets on them. Obviously, the Rebellion is more prepared for war and seems to not have any plans of keeping peace. They only have plots of attacking the Empire and defending their own forts. That is pretty much all they ever think about. And to justify the Death Star, you need weapons of mass destruction to keep peace. Sometimes, especially in war, you must kill a few people to prevent the deaths of millions more. They destroyed Alderaan because Alderaan's monarchy was against the Empire and their Princess, Leia, was a senator of the Empire but double sided, helping out the Rebellion at the Battle of Tatooine. Thus, Alderaan had to be destroyed to prevent the fate of many more star systems. The Rebels destroyed the Death Star, which had millions of lives on board, revealing that the Rebel Alliance are the true murderers.

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