So, we all know about No Nut November. It is a trial for boys to become men. Boys shall not masturbate, fap, jerk off, or anything of that sort for the entire month. Should any boy be successful, he will awaken as a man in December, he will gain the ability to levitate in the air, and he shall realize that women are actually just more men.

I have an idea of what the secret is behind No Nut November.

You can either read this article or watch this talk show by Mammoth Supremacy 55 that discusses the theory of No Nut November.

Ligma Edit

Back in July and August, there was an outbreak of a severe illness called Ligma. Incase you don't know what Ligma is, then LIGMA BALLS! Ligma is a an illness that kills people from eating nuts that get contaminated with the illness. Should any nuts get contaminated, they become ligma nuts. 85% of the human population died of this illness. Mainly people who are Sugondeze, that is, people from Sugonma. The first person to die of Ligma was the Sukon of Sugonma, Sukon Madique. There are other variations of the Ligma illness, including Sugma, Kisma, Bofama, and the most severe of them all, Fugma.

The two Eras of Memes Edit

Before 2018 ever existed, we had good times with memes like Crash Bandicoot's Woah and the Yee Dinosaur, which were around ever since memes first existed. The second that 2018 began, at the snap of Thanos' finger, all of those memes disappeared, and we got a load of new memes like Ugandan Knuckles and Globglogabgalab. 2018 was the beginning of a new age.

Also, have you ever noticed that memes lately died off really quickly? That is because of Ligma. Ligma is the reason that memes die. There were no such thing as dead memes before this new age. The Ligma outbreak happened since January 2018.

Antidote Edit

No Nut November was created by dank memers as the antidote to Ligma. That is the second function that it has, to stop memes from dying. Starting December 2018 or January 2019, we will have everlasting memes again.

The origin of Ligma Edit

Ligma is not a natural illness, it is actually a science experiment. (LIGMA would be an acronym for something) created by triggered NPCs that hate memes. The triggered NPCs made the artifical illness to kill all the memes, and they created fake memes to put in place of them. That is why 2018 is full of awful, cringy memes that are not funny at all. Cursed Images, on the other hand, show the horrible aftermath of Ligma.

A New Era Edit

No Nut November is the uprising of the Memers. Us Dank Memers have not taken kindly to the dark age of 2018 and the tragic events. The dank memers are taking their turn to start a new age. No Nut November is the antidote to Ligma, meaning that memes will not die anymore. The triggered NPCs will be dethroned and will never interfere with memedom ever again. Starting December 2018, we will have everlasting memes like old times, and we will see that there are no such thing as females. Rumor has it December will be Don't Diddle December, and January will be Just Jesus January. So Sex will no longer be a thing, and all that will matter is Jesus and memes that last forever.

The religion of November Edit

No Nut November was started by Christians, and has created a sub branch of Christianity, known as the Religion of November, a gathering of men who believe in a prophecy of peace and order in which memes will live forever, and liberal trolls will not taint memedom, and men will gain the ability to levitate in the air, and that they will see that women do not exist.

Believe me, "Religion of November" is a far better name than "The Church of the Latter Day November Nut".

The objective of 2019 Edit

Ligma will cease to exist.

Memes will never die again.

The Left will not interfere with Memedom.

Boys will cease to exist in place of men, and men will levitate in the air.

We will see that women don't exist, and that sex is an illusion.

There will always be God.

We will have everlasting memes, like in old times.

But most importantly, we will have peace and order.

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