LEGENDS OF CHIMA is an anime series by Cabin Boi 24 and released in June of 2018 that is based on the original franchise and Lego sets created by Lego Group from 2012 to 2016.

Here is the plot line and summary:

Lions harvest power crystals known as CHI and hold them in their Temple. Crocodiles seek to kill the Lions, take the CHI, and dominate the Kingdom of CHIMA. Other Clans choose sides. The Gorillas and Eagles join the Lions, forming up the Loyalist party. The Wolves join the Crocodiles, making up the Mutiny. Civil War rages on....

Season One: Civil War Edit

Peace has remained strong in the land of CHIMA for a long time. No war has ever happened since The Illumination. Occasional minor rebellions happened, but nothing large that would change CHIMA forever, until Lord Ragar seeks power and domination. A war happens for the first time in ages, The Civil War.

Episode One: The Rise of Civil War Edit

Laval, the Prince of Lions and Heir to the Throne has reached the Age of Becoming, a time in life in which one must experience the Power of the CHI. Laval has become one with the CHI. Meanwhile, Lord Ragar, the Dark Lord of Crocodiles, seeks to kill the Lions to the brink of extinction, and make the Crocodile Clan be the new rulers of CHIMA, and reign his darkness upon the land. He leads an attack on the Lion Temple, sparking a civil war. Laval must be trained by his father, King Lagravis, the King of CHIMA to be a general....

Episode Two: Negotiations Between Clans Edit

The Civil War has been established and started. All of the Clans in CHIMA hear of the War that has started between the Lion Clan and the Crocodile Clan. The Gorillas and Eagles join the Lions. These Clans are the Loyalists. The Crocodiles have control over the Wolves, forcing them to join their side, with their Clans composing the Mutiny.

The sides have been chosen.

Episode Three: A Line of Defense in the Jungle Edit

Word spreads of which Clans choose sides. The Gorillas are pacifists and prefer negotiation over combat, but they understand that in times of war, they must fight in the war if they want peace, and to get peace, they must win the war. Lord Ragar decides to "warm up" the Wolves by assigning the first assault mission to them rather than using his own forces. However, he picks one of his own Crocodile Generals to lead an assault on the Gorilla Jungle to get them to join the Mutiny, as they do not know of the Gorillas joining the Mutiny. General Crug of the Crocodile Clan leads the Wolves to the Gorilla Jungle to lead a campaign for the Mutiny. The Gorillas set up an ambush to defend their forest. A battle rages on with the Gorillas winning, and the death of General Crug. However, one of the Gorillas, Anahu, seeks revenge despite their clean, swift, complete victory.

Episode Four: Revenge Edit

Anahu seeks revenge from Lord Ragar for attacking their home. He goes to pay a visit to the Crocodile Swamp but gets captured by the Crocodile's Swamp Patrol and presented to Lord Ragar. Gorzan, the leader of the Gorilla Clan, knows of what happened and runs to save his friend. Lord Ragar sets up an ultimatum for Gorzan. Either he gives up his land for the Crocodiles to control or Anauh will be publically decapitated in front of the entire Crocodile Clan.

Gorzan then sacrifices his land to save his friend.

Episode Five: Liberation Edit

The Lions hear of what the Crocodiles have done. The Crocodile Clan has total control of the Gorilla Jungle and sets up forts and military camps around it. Lord Ragar has chosen to lead this conquest himself as he does not like any of his Generals, his Admirals, his Commanders, his Captains, or Colonels. He does not trust them.

Laval is ready to lead a battle, and leads the 60th Legion of Lion Elite Soldiers to the Gorilla Jungle to liberate their Clan free from the evil clutches of the Crocodile Clan.

After the battle is over, Laval is in a sword fight with Lord Ragar, who then escapes back to the Crocodile Swamp. The Lions have won the battle and the Gorillas have been freed!

Episode Six: Corruption within the Mutiny Edit

Rumor spreads of the death of Lord Ragar. Some believe it and others remain uncertain. The Wolves see this as an advantage to free themselves from the Crocodiles. Winzar, the Alpha of the Wolf Clan assigns his son, Worriz, to lead the Wolves to Crocodile Swamp and enact an insurrection from within the Mutiny.

The Image to the right is the figure used for the character "Xagar"

A battle rages on in the swamp, and the Wolves win until Xagar, the Swamp Creature, kills all of the remaining Wolves except Worriz. The two stand off in a fight and eventually a chase in the swamp until their vehicles crash into a tree and they continue the duel until Xagar wins. The Wolves have been tamed into staying with the mutiny. Worriz, unlike the rest of the Wolf Clan, hates the Lions with pride and Xagar seeks revenge as he knew the rumor of Laval killing Lord Ragar. Xagar and Worriz team up and plot to assassinate Laval.

Episode Seven: Assassins Edit

NOTE: This episode is two plot lines crossed over into one episode as both stories separate are not full of content enough to make as individual episodes, so this is basically two episodes in one.

Rogon, the Chief of Rhinos and Mightiest Warlord in CHIMA, wishes to add his Clan to the Loyalist Party. There is a negotiation between Rogon and Lagravis about the Civil War. The Rhino Clan is then added to the Loyalist Party.

Xagar and Worriz plan out the assassination of Prince Laval. Worriz tells Xagar about the CHI. Xagar now seeks the CHI and thus, the plan is that Worriz will heist some of the CHI while Xagar assassinates Laval for revenge.

They arrive the Lion Temple in Crocodile Speed Cars. They then sneak by, avoiding being seen by the guards. Xagar then kills the guards and sneaks into the temple to find a way in. Worriz stays at the gateway and waits for the gate to open. A Lion Guard approaches and he resorts to skinning one of the dead Lion Soldiers and going inside its' body to disguise as a Lion. Eventually, Lieutenant Lavertus sees the Crocodile Cars and sends out some Lion Scouts to check them for any possible stowaways. Worriz uses this as an opportunity to get into the temple. Xagar and Worriz meet up and search for Laval in the shadows, unseen by the Lions. Xagar finds Laval at last and shoots but misses. The Lion Temple then shuts down into Emergency Mode. A battle rages on in the temple. Lieutenant Lavertus fights Worriz in the Temple while Laval fights Xagar outside the Temple. Both of the Mutiny villains are defeated, but Worriz escapes while Xagar is sentenced to prison. Worriz is an outlaw, wanted dead or alive for an extreme reward.

Episode Eight: Bounty Edit

Worriz is wanted throughout the land. Razar the bounty hunter is interested in hunting down the criminal and goes on a journey throughout the majestic lands of CHIMA and meets many clans. He first tries to consult the Wolf Clan, as he thinks that is the most likely hideout for Worriz. He instead is speaking with Winzar, the Alpha of Wolf Clan and father of Worriz. The two then end up fighting each other. Razar wins, but he is merciful and lets Winzar live. He flies off to Gorilla Jungle. There, he speaks with Gorzan and a conversation goes on. Razar then leaves and talks to the Rhinos. His last place is the Crocodile Swamp, which is where Worriz has to be at. Worriz is hiding a stash of stolen CHI Crystals in a cave and blocking the entrance so no one can steal the CHI. He stays there, guarding the entrance.

Razar finds Worriz and engages in a fight. Razar defeats Worriz and presents him to Lagravis, alive. He then takes his reward and is given a bonus to keep the CHI Crystals that Worriz stole.

Episode Nine: Prison Break Edit

The Mutiny has no significant leaders that can command the Crocodiles and Wolves to attack the Lions. However, one of the Crocodiles, General Crawley, rises up and makes a move. He then leads the Mutiny to commence terrorist attacks on the Lion Temple and to launch a daring prison break to free Worriz and Xagar. Winzar, the Alpha of the Wolf pack fights Laval and Lavertus to distract them and give his son (Worriz) time to escape. Winzar wins the fight and escapes. Laval is angered and seeks revenge, to kill Crawley and end the war.

Episode Ten: Antihero Edit

Laval is angered at his defeat during the attack on the Lion Temple. He seeks to have revenge and have justice on the Mutiny. His intentions are to kill General Crawley in order to end the war. Lagravis warns his son that his ideas may lead to the Mutiny attacking the Loyalists once again, and CHIMA may fall into the hands of the Crocodiles. Laval understands, but he still wishes to continue with his plan of revenge. Lagravis lets his son go, as an opportunity to learn. Meanwhile, the newly established High Council of the Mutiny discusses their plot of conquest and what Clans are on which side. Laval goes to the swamp alone and fights the entire Mutiny and eventually is in a duel with Crawley. He then kills Crawley, crippling the Mutiny once again.

Episode Eleven: Teamwork Edit

Worriz decides to lead the Mutiny Army to attack Gorilla Jungle out of revenge for the events that took place earlier in the Civil War. However, the Gorillas are not prepared for the war and did not expect the assault to happen so soon. The Mutiny has the upper hand. Gorzan leaves Grotak and Anahu in charge to command their forces and protect their forest home while Gorzan would leave to the Lion Temple to request Lion Clan Reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Rogon and his wife, Rhina, hear word of the war effort so far and immediately head for the Gorilla Jungle to help the Gorilla Clan in their time of need. The Rhino Team work together to fight the Mutiny Menace! The battle is over, and Gorzan and Rogon fight Worriz, and wins as Rogon kills Worriz.

Episode Twelve: Shadow of Darkness Edit

Tensions rise in CHIMA. Because of the attack on the Gorilla Jungle, an abandoned subject is brought up about the death of Lord Ragar. Razar is then hired to go to Gorilla Jungle and make sure that Lord Ragar is dead. He fights the remaining Mutiny soldiers that refuge in the jungle from the recent battle. Eventually, he enters the same cave that Laval fought Lord Ragar in. To his surprise, he sees Lord Ragar in the flesh, alive. He attacks Razar, and a showdown goes on in the cave. Razar is defeated, and flies away, escaping for his life. Apparently, Ragar was hiding in the cave, living there and cowering from the war. He then returns to the swamp, presenting himself as a survivor and explaining to his army about what really happened.

Episode Thirteen: The Ultimate Battle for CHIMA Edit

The Mutiny is back to full power as Lord Ragar has returned. Ragar uses CHI to resurrect Worriz, Crawley, and the other Mutiny Generals. The battles of CHIMA continue to rage on, but the Mutiny gains more balance in the war than the Loyalists. It is indeed a dark time in CHIMA. Battles happen everywhere. Wolves fight Rhinos and Eagles. Crocodiles fight Gorillas. The Mutiny keeps on winning. The Loyalist Clans seek help from the Monarchy. Lagravis decides his son, Laval, should lead the 60th Legion of Elite Lion Soldiers to Crocodile Swamp to assault the enemy back. Ragar deploys the Crocodiles and Wolves to attack the Lion Temple, with Worriz in command. But he keeps some of them in the Swamp to defend the territory. A battle rages on once the Lions invade their Swamp. The soldiers of both sides are entirely wiped out. Laval is the only one standing.

Episode Fourteen: Showdown Edit

The Crocodile Swamp is a swamp of blood. All of the troopers of both sides are entirely dead. Laval is the only one standing. He wanders through thie swamp, seeking Ragar. Lord Ragar was alive, and not involved in the battle all that time. Ragar stalks Laval and ambushes him. A sword fight happens in the swamp that rages on until Ragar drops his swords and escapes in a Crocodile Swamp Speeder. Laval then pursues him and the fight continues on the Swamp Speeder, a dangerous intense race through the swamp, using a pulsor blaster and a staff that the Swamp Speeder was supplied with. The Swamp Speeder crashes into a tree and the fight continues on land. Eventually, Laval defeats Ragar, and breaks his mask, revealing his face. He realizes that his true enemy was once his friend, Cragger. Laval is able to redeem his lost friend.

Meanwhile, back at the Lion Temple, the Mutiny forces lose and retreat to the home of the Wolves. Laval and Cragger arrive to the Lion Temple and explain everything to Lagravis and Lavertus. The Civil War is then officially over. Peace has been restored.

The End of the Civil War Edit

The Civil War has ended, and all of the Clans have been united.

The United Republic Edit

The Lions, Eagles, Gorillas, Rhinos, Crocodiles, and the Wolf Pack choose to unite their Clans into a union that keeps the Monarchy in charge, but unites the Clans without being a socialist rule of multiple territories under one rule. Hence, it is named as the United Republic of CHIMA. Lagravis is still King of CHIMA, but his son, Laval, is chosen President of the United Republic, and simultaneously still the Prince of the Monarchy, as Lagravis has other political matters to follow.

Season Two Ideas Edit

Cabin Boi 24, who is now redubbed as Mammoth Supremacy 55, has plans for a sequel season to LOC to be released in 2019, due to the success of the first season. It will take off where Season One ended, and will be about the days of the United Republic. Xagar will be in LOC II, and will be the main villain. LOC II will be loosely based on the second season of the original show. Season Two will feature the famed Legend Beasts, which unusually did not make an appearance in Season One. LOC II will also feature a bat and a spider for villain characters. However, there will only be three villains. LOC II is scheduled for Spring or Summer of 2019. Season Two will also be referred to as The Alien Wars.

Season Two: The Alien Wars Edit

The Civil War is over, and the Clans agree to unite to prevent civil war from ever happening again. However, Xagar managed to hide and escape, as scouts of the Crocodile Clan seeked to find him and execute him for playing a great many major parts in the Civil War. Xagar then plans his revenge with starting a new war.

Episode 15: The United Republic Edit

The Clans agree to stop fighting. The United Republic is formed, a council for the leaders of the Clans. Lagravis had this idea mainly to prevent Civil War and to keep an eye on the Clans. As Laval was Prime Minister of the Loyalist High Council, he was moved to President of the United Republic of CHIMA. Xagar, who managed to hide away from the Civil War is wanted, as stopping him will be the true end of the Civil War.

Cragger leads a squad of Crocodile Troopers to hunt for Xagar.

Episode 16: The Legend of the Beasts Edit

Xagar gets a hold of flowers that contain more power than the CHI, and uses one to create a henchman out of a Spider. He uses the Spider to kill all of Cragger's forces. Cragger is captured and Xagar forces answers out of him.

Episode 17: The Hunt Edit

Xagar learns about Legend Beasts from Cragger, and assigns Spordocon to go and capture the Legend Beasts, majestic creatures that come to CHIMA in the most desparate times that cannot be killed.

Xagar wants the Legend Beasts captured in case there would be a situation where they could be used to his advantage. Spordocon captures the Beasts as a stealth mission, and Xagar finds the Crocodile Legend Beast in the Swamp.

There is one Legend Beast left.

The Lion Legend Beast.

Episode 18: The CHI Heist Edit

Xagar creates Battrax, another monstrosity just like Spordocon, but of a female bat. He assigns his two abominations to block the CHI flows and steal the CHI from the Lion Temple. However, they did not have time to take all of the CHI or capture the Lion Legend Beast. Laval sets out with the Legend Beast to go on a quest to get the CHI back.

Episode 19: The Journey Begins Edit

Laval starts his quest to bring back the CHI from the aliens. Along his way in the Wolf Pack territory, he is greeted with an unexpected ambush from the Wolves. He is confused as he knows the Clans agreed to stop fighting and formed the United Republic. But what he does not know is that Xagar possessed the Wolves to fight on his side.

Episode 20: Allies Edit

Rogon was not possessed by Xagar, though all of the Gorillas have. Unlike the Wolves, the Gorillas act wild, demon possessed and destroy everything. Rogon escapes and meets up with Laval. The two explain their encounters to each other. Then, they must battle Gorillas as they make their way through the Jungle. Eventually, they unexpectedly meet up with Battrax and Spordocon. A duel goes on until the creatures are defeated and explain everything to Laval. Laval is on his way to end the Alien War.

Episode 21: Battle to save CHIMA Edit

Laval, Rogon, and the Lion Legend Beast make it to the Swamp, where Xagar and Cragger are. Xagar has no more questions to ask Cragger, so he uses a flower to control the mind of Cragger, and make him become Lord Ragar once again, the Crocodile that sought to persecute the Lions, exile the independent Clans, and have the Crocodiles and Wolves rule. Laval and Rogon arrive at the Swamp. There is a long pursuit in the Swamp of Crocodiles chasing Laval and Rogon. Rogon jumps off of the Lion Legend Beast and onto a Swamp Patrol Car and drives it, throwing out the Crocodile Patrol Trooper that was driving it.

They make it to the Main Swamp. Xagar escapes, with Rogon pursuing him throughout the Swamp. The Lion Legend Beast sets off to free the other Legend Beasts.

Laval and Cragger stand alone. A showdown begins. Laval defeats and redeems his possessed friend, and they set off to help Rogon in his duel with Xagar. Xagar is beaten. The Legend Beasts are freed and redeem the other Clans. Peace has been restored.

CHIMA shall be at peace for years to come.

Season Three Ideas Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55 has thought about a third season of LOC to be released October-November 2019.

The third season will be The Fire And Ice War. It has been ten years since the Alien Wars. Lagravis is getting too old to be King. His dying days are coming, and his son Laval will have to soon take his place. The Ice Clan is resurrected from the dead and continues their militant journey of domination they once started centuries ago. The United Republic strives to defend themselves from the Ice Clan. The Ice Clan is crushing the Republic! Laval is then teleported to Mount Cavora by the Phoenix, a god like being who offers Fire CHI, which can be used to combat the Ice Clan. The Republic has an uprising in this new war....

Season Three Edit

Episode 22: Exile Edit

Ten years after the Civil War, Xagar's henchmen turn themselves in to the Lions, who then exile them out of CHIMA. This had been a mistake as they dumped what remaining CHI they kept into a long abandoned Ice Cavern, awakening an ancient Cult hell-bent on dominating CHIMA.

Episode 23: Resurrection Edit

The top generals of the Ice Clan are resurrected from the dead and prepare to invade CHIMA in pursuit of more CHI. Meanwhile, Lavertus looks back at the Civil War and is jealous of Laval, Gorzan, and Rogon for their heroic actions in the battles.

Episode 24: Invasion of the Ice Clan Edit

The Generals make it into CHIMA and raid the land, freezing it with Ice and Snow. They invade the Lion Temple and take some of the CHI with them back to the Ice Mountains.

Episode 25: The God of Fire Edit

Laval is encountered by a firey spirit of a Phoenix who provides a special type of CHI based on the element of Fire to fight this new threat. General Erut, the Commander of the Mammoths, leads Saber Tooth Tigers, Mammoths, and Vultures to attack the Lion Temple to raid it of even more CHI, but they are unaware that the Lions have Fire CHI, and are defeated. Erut escapes to report to his master, Lord Fangar.

Episode 26: The Campaign Edit

Lord Fangar assigns General Erut with the task of leading the Ice Clan army to take over various regions of CHIMA. Meanwhile, the Clans of CHIMA are prepared with Fire CHI via their fellowship with the Lions, the United Republic. General Khan of the Saber Tooth Tigers takes over the Crocodile Swamp.

Episode 27: The New Mutiny Edit

In the Fire and Ice Wars, General Khan and his battalion trump the Crocodiles, forcing them to surrender their weapons and Fire CHI. Cragger then leads a rebellion, involving taking out Saber Tooth Patrols and taking their weapons. Xagar then returns to help CHIMA in their time of need. Cragger, however, dies in battle, with Xagar taking his place as leader of the resistance.

Episode 28: Lone Wolf Edit

While the Crocodiles battle for freedom from the tyrant Khan, the Wolves have to fight a primal Saber Tooth Brute, Strainor. Wilhurt is desperate until he is saved by Worriz. Strainor then escapes to an area with Ice Clan vehicles and drives off on a Sabertooth-Shreddor. Worriz then pursues Strainor on a Saber-Bike. Strainor crashes into a rock wall, and then the two fight. Worriz dismembers and decapitates Strainor, but shortly after is surrounded by Saber Tooth Tigers who gun him down. Worriz made a bold stand and died boldly.

Assembly Cut Notes: Edit

**In the assembly cut, Worriz is able to drive off but is eventually ambushed by Saber Tooth Tigers and Vultures.

Episode 29: Mammoth Supremacy Edit

The Gorilla and Rhino Clans are battling against General Erut, the Commander of the Mammoths and his army of Mammoths. Gorzan and Rogon lead a strong and thriving resistance but are pursued by Erut's Vanguards. Rogon and Gorzan are able to lose them but are confronted by Erut himself. Erut and GOrzan duel eachother in the treetops, swinging vines to other trees, and Rogon, below at the ground aids Gorzan by shooting at Erut with a chaingun he picked up from the ground. Erut swings down and shocks Rogon with his staff. Gorzan then jumps down and is also stunned. Erut has some soldiers take Rogon and Gorzan to Fangar's fortress to be prisoners.

Episode 30: Sacrifice Edit

Laval and Lavertus receive a message from a Gorilla soldier about what Erut has done. Laval and Lavertus form up a battalion of 60th Legion Elite Lion Soldiers to liberate the Gorillas and Rhinos from the Mammoths and rescue Gorzan and Rogon but are too late. Laval is in an intense duel against Erut, alone inside a fort. Lavertus runs to help Laval but is too late. Erut strikes down Laval and sets the fort for self destruct. Debreis collapses over Laval, preventing his escape. He then orders Lavertus to leave the base and save himself.

Erut escapes for the Ice Mountains.

Episode 31: The Dark Ages Edit

Corruption is prevelant in CHIMA. With all of the heroes defeated, the Clan represenatives of the United Republic begin to question the effectiveness of this political fellowship and demand to resign. Though, of course this action is not instant, and is a gradual process. Meanwhile, at the Ice Fortress, Fangar holds Gorzan and Rogon as prisoners. He takes Gorzan to a fighting arena and tests his strength, in the end decapitating Gorzan's head in mid-combat. Fangar then is informed that Mottrot and Varak have made a new weapon, known as the Swarmer, a mechanism that launches a cloud that viciously eats away at its' target, guaranteeing a gruesome, bloody, painful death. Fangar takes the prototype model and tests it on Rogon.

Lavertus, meanwhile, at the Temple is called to speak to King Lagravis, who is in his death bed. Lavertus informs Lagravis of what happened to Laval at the Mammoth Fort. Lagraivs them gives Lavertus the task of being the King. Lagravis passes away. Lavertus questions this task of being King, but is met by the God of Fire, who helps to encourage Lavertus. Meanwhile, Fangar considers unleashing a special weapon in order to achieve Requiem, a point of the Ice Clan's conquest in which the Ice Clan's enemy has no chance of winning.

Episode 32: Requiem Edit

A Leopard Clan fort sends a distress call to the Lion Temple. Lavertus orders the Lion Commando, Commander Deka, to lead an investigation with Lions, Eagles, and Gorillas. The United Republic's resigning has not been finished, so the Eagles and Gorillas are able to spare some troopers to aid in the investigation.

Meanwhile, at the Ice Mountains, Prince Stealthor gathers Saber Tooth Troopers to go to the Leopard Clan fort and make sure their "special weapon" has taken effect.

As the team arrives, the only Leopards they find are gruesomely killed. Their organs, bones, and blood are everywhere. Some of the Leopards were even skinned and hung upside down.

The team encounters Ice Clan soldiers and there is a brief skirmish. The United Republic Commandos continue their investigation. Each soldier is anonymously picked off one by one. The Soldiers become suspicious until it the special weapon is revealed: Savage, vile brutes: Cave Bears. They are near impossible to take down and combat against them is intense.

Eventually Commander Deka is the only surviving soldier left. Deka later realizes there is more than one Cave Bear. He later comes face to face with the Cave Bear in an intense altercation. When all hope seems lost, Commander Deka grabs a shotgun and blasts the Cave Bear, obliterating it.

Assembly Cut Notes: Edit

**In the assembly cut, Stealthor is seen leading the Ice Clan's scout mission and is seen escaping after the United Republic Commandos defeat the Ice Clan scouts. In the original episode, Stealthor is not seen here so it is to assume Stealthor actually did not go to lead the scouting mission.

Episode 33: Quest for the Artifacts Edit

**NOTE: Episode 33 is a special episode, that is full length. It was originally going to be regular episodes but the plots for each one were all too short so it is to be assembled as one full length special episode.

The wars of Fire and Ice rage on, with the Chimans in a very desperate struggle to fight and survive as the Ice Clan has unleashed their greatest weapon, Cave Bears. Even though General Khan is dead, the Crocodiles still fight for their liberty under Xagar's command. General Erut is still alive to command Ice soldiers into battle, though. The God of Fire knows there is only one chance of hope: Four Elemental Artifacts, that must be found as they are scattered across CHIMA, and they must be found and gathered at Mount Cavora and combined with the Element of Fire in order to wipe out the Ice Clan.

Lavertus is Chima's only hope.

A squad of various Chimans (an Eagle, a Rhino, and two Gorillas) are fighting off against Mammoth Elites lead by General Erut. It is an extreme struggle.

The God of Fire informs Lavertus of one of the Elemental Artifacts that is to be found in the Wolf Pack Clifftops, where Worriz and Strainor fought. Lavertus goes there and fights off hoardes of Sabertooths and Vultures, and finds the Sword, which helps him fight off the Ice Clan soldiers. Lavertus meets Stealthor, the Son of Fangar and Prince of Ice. The two have a standoff, but Lavertus must make it back to The Lion Temple, so he escapes. Lavertus gives the Fire Sword to the God of Fire.

The Raven bounty hunter Razar is met by the God of Fire and is to help find the Elemental Spear. Razar questions his forced requirement to be involved in the Fire and Ice War, and states that he would only find this Artifact if he is payed a ransom of many Drubloons and Shekels.

Razar then goes into the Dead Lands and fights off Vultures in search of the Spear, but is eventually caught and arrested by some Ice Clan Vulture scouts. He is brought to the Ice Clan prison Poltergeist, and there he is introduced to Erut. Razar is put into a cell of Maximum Security. After a while, Razar touches the Ice that blocks him into the cell. He realizes that the God of Fire has given him Fire Powers, which he uses to melt the ice and free him from the prison. He makes a stealthy escape from the Prison Guards and is successful in doing so. The Prison Guards see what happened to the cell, and Erut is informed by the Sabertooth Sergeant Sullivan that Razar is missing. Out of anger and rage, Erut grabs Sully by the leg and holds him over a cliff and drops him.

Razar returns to the dead lands and finds the Spear and turns it in to the God of Fire.

Commander Deka is assigned on a battle mission in the Jungles and simultaneously is tasked with finding Elemental Armor. He finds it and wears it. Shortly after, he is encountered by an egotistical Private of the Ice Clan army who considers himself to be the real, "should-be" Lord of Ice, dubbing himself Captain Ice, when his proper name is Pvt. Benjamin Kangarat. Commander Deka and Captain Ice have a brief skermish until Deka makes a run for it and gives the armor to the God of Fire. All that remains is a trident....

Xagar still is forced to help the Crocodiles (and Wolves) in their "New Mutiny", to fight against the Sabertooth army of the now dead General Khan, replaced by his first Lieutenant, Sarek.

Commander Deka and some Elite Lions come in to aid the New Mutiny in battle as they are in a heavier struggle than anyone else in CHIMA.

Xagar hears the voice of the Phoenix telling him to search for the Trident. Xagar searches, deep into the boggy depths of the Swamp, and eventually finds it. He runs to get to the Lion Temple. Xagar eventually stops to rest and shortly gets up to continue. But he hears Ice Clan soldiers pursuing for Xagar on Motorbikes, so Xagar makes a run for it. But invincibility is guaranteed to those who carry and Elemental Artifact, so Xagar knows he is safe. But things get worse when General Erut drives in to lead the Ice Clan Patrols to claim the Artifact from Xagar, but Xagar throws the Trident at Erut, crashing Erut's vehicle and killing him. Xagar then realizes he threw the Artifact and all he has is a pistol. Xagar then stops when he sees a Sabertooth Mech standing in front of him, controlled by his worst enemy, Sarek. The Sabertooth Patrols then catch up to surround Xagar. Sarek then aims his sniper rifle at Xagar and shoots, waking Xagar up from a dream. Xagar then continues to move on.

Commander Deka encounters Captain Ice again at the swamp along with the Mammoth giant, Mungus.

Deka is merciful and retreats.

Lavertus, Deka, and Razar are all at the Lion Temple, ready for the entire Ice Clan to show up for an ultimate battle to determine the fate of CHIMA. Xagar arrives to bring the Trident to the Phoenix, but Lavertus questions Xagar, as he served the Mutiny back in the Civil War. But this minor conflict is shortly over. The entire Ice Clan shows up. Lord Fangar leads the Clan, alongside Stealthor and General Erut. Captain Ice is there too. There is a seemingless end of Sabertooth Tigers, Vultures, Mammoths, and some of them even have Cave Bears. An ultimate battle of Fire and Ice rages on. Deka fights Captain Ice once more and finally kills him. Xagar fights off Ice Clan soldiers and fights General Erut. Erut kills Xagar, but Razar kills Erut, which he had fought before. Stealthor controls a Sabertooth mech to heavily assault the Lions, until Lavertus brings out a giant Lion mech, and a battle of mechs rages on until eventually Lavertus crashes the Sabertooth mech with Stealthor inside it, thus killing him. Fangar is outraged that his son and his second in command are both dead, so he does things himself. He slaughters a great many Chimans on his way into the Lion Temple to kill Lavertus with hatred and revenge. Fangar and Lavertus duel inside the Lion Temple, alone. The battle still rages on outside, with Deka and Razar leading the Chiman's defense against the hoarde of Ice Zombies. The God of Fire assembles the Artifacts for unleashing a Great Illumination, and when Lavertus is disarmed by Fangar and about to be killed, the Illumination is unleashed, gruesomely melting the Ice Zombies to death, including Fangar. Lavertus watches in disgust as Fangar's fur, skin, flesh, organs, and blood all melt away with Fangar screeching, leaving a glowing cyan puddle.

The war is over at last. Lavertus declares that the Fire and Ice Wars have ended, though its end is not to be rejoiced, rather the sacrifices made to end it be mourned. CHIMA is officially declared to be in a dark age by Lavertus, as he is the King of CHIMA. Deka then takes Lavertus' previous place as the right hand man to the King, which Deka has proved worthy of such a major role. The United Republic's resigning has finally finished, and all the Clans are now independent.

Season Three Assembly Cut Edit

After Mammoth Supremacy 55 finishes this great chapter of the Legend, he will immediately start working on an assembly cut, assembling all episodes of season three into one full length movie, cutting out the recap intros at the beginnings of each episode and changing/enhancing/adding/removing/replacing various scenes.

Examples of planned changes include remaking the fight between Gorzan and the Mammoth General and altering the scene of Xagar talking to Cragger.

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