The Cabin Boi and the Scroop

The Cabin Boi and the Scroop

Scroop is against Cabin Bois and is the Antichrist, otherwise known as the AntiCabinBoi. You may know of the YouTuber, Cabin Boi 24. He is in a long lasting battle against the Scroop. It is what he has been fighting all this time.

The Objective of the ScroopEdit

The plan of the Scroop is to eliminate the Cabin Boy race and dominate over all. He despises what Cabin Boi 24 likes and likes the pet peeves of Cabin Boi 24. The one specific Cabin Boy that he hates the most is obviously going to be Cabin Boi 24.

Cabin Boi 24 is the Lord and Savior, and Scroop cannot proceed with his Plot to dominate all. He is in a battle against Cabin Boi 24 and practically is delayed, fortunatley.

When will the Scroop be defeated?Edit

Eventually, Cabin Boi 24 will fight the Scroop in the Revelation and defeat him. We already know what shall happen. We just do not know when the Revelation will happen.

What is the Revelation?Edit

The Revelation will be when everything Good and everything Evil will be found as different, and Cabin Boi 24 and his allies will battle Scroop and his allies for the final time. However, many battles will happen overtime even before the Revelation. The Revelation shall end with the Cabin Boys winning against Scroop. Many battles have been fought, are fought now, and will be fought. Sometimes, Cabin Boi wins a battle, and sometimes, Scroop wins a battle. But no matter who won which battle, Cabin Boi will win the final battle, claim the war, and the Evil Reign of the Scroop shall perish for good.

What elements of Cabin Boi 24 does Scroop hate?Edit

Cabin Boi 24 has opinions and thoughts unique from anyone else. That is one indication that he is the Lord. He preaches his ways that LEGENDS OF CHIMA is better than Star Wars; the "villains" from Star Wars were the real good guys; the 2008 Clone Wars plus all Star Wars installments by Disney are not canon; DreamWorks is better than Disney.

Those are some examples of his wacky ideas, which are feared, hated, and opposed by Scroop. Scroop wishes not only to destroy Cabin Boi 24 and the rest of the Cabin Boy race, but also everyone who agrees with Cabin Boi 24 or at the very least, listened to him. It may sound easier to be a Scroop, but it is not. If you are on the Scroop Side, then you will live a painful and unfortunate life and perish along with Scroop.

The Revelation

The Revelation

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