1. The Earth is flat.

1.1 The Sun appears smaller and farther away in morning and evening, but larger and brighter in noon. Should Earth be a sphere, the Sun should appear the same all day long.

1.2 If you fly an airplane from the North to the South, you go in a straight line. But if it were round, you would be pivoting down.

2. Buzz Aldron, one of the guys at NASA admitted that they never went to the moon.

3. If you watch the moonlanding videos, you will see off key lighting, proving that it was staged at a studio. (NASA might as well work with Fox on the live action remake of Titan After Earth and the new Alien movie)

4. Some pictures of the planets do not have stars in the background

5. Getting back to Earth, how do we know there is an Iron ball in the center if it is surrounded by lava? There is no material to resist lava.

6. They prohibit people entering Antarctica. That sounds suspicious already. Antarctica must either be an ice wall that borders the world or there is a bigger world beyond the ice wall.

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