Sir Fangar is the self-claimed Emperor of the element of Ice. 

Fangar is the lead antagonist of Legends of CHIMA Season Three, the third installment of Mammoth Supremacy 55s' stop motion series.

Element of IceEdit

In the Genesis days, Fangar, the pupil of the Phoenix, had been going through the trials of the element of Water. He was at the stage of learning how to create Ice from the Water with his will alone. Though, simultaneously he had sought desires of conquest. This had taken over him along with the Ice. Fangar then took the sub-element of Ice as his own. He had taken all of his fellow Saber Tooth Tigers and the Vultures who guarded the Ice Temple. Fangar would later have the Cave Bears be used to his advantage, officially shutting down the Cave Bear gladiator tournaments.

The MammothsEdit

Fangar would later convince the Mammoths to join his fellowship. Fangar secretively unleashed the Cave Bears into the Gorilla Jungles and they had killed Eruts' wife and son. Not knowing the truth, Erut had none other than the Rhino Chieftan, D'Jallion to blame. Erut was outraged and he terrorized the Jungles, killing Gorillas and Rhinos. Chief D'Jallion then exiled Erut from the Jungles. Erut then seeked help from Fangar. Erut was outraged with desire of revenge. Fangar then gave Erut the task of killing the Rhino Chieftan, in exchange for CHI to resurrect Maula (Eruts' wife) and Mottrot (Erut's son). Erut accepted, as he wanted to do this. Though he was banned, he returned to have his revenge, he had gone specifically to D'Jallions' temple to execute his mission. D'Jallion is alerted and sends in his guards to fight off Erut, who is shielded by his rage. Erut literally shreds through the guards with his sword and encounters D'Jallion. D'Jallion is left with no option than to fight Erut himself. It is a brutal, intense, long lasting fight. D'Jallion is bested but Erut does not kill him right away. Out of anger from the death of his family, Erut decides instead to hang the Rhino Chieftan upside down in his own temple, and to skin him alive.

Erut then returns to Sir Fangar's fortress with D'Jallions' carcass and skin. Fangar is pleased and he accepts Erut and his race into the Ice Clan. Erut uses the CHI to resurrect his family.

The Resurrection of the Ice ClanEdit

Lord Fangar is the first member of the Ice Clan to be resurrected 10,000 years after his covenants' members were wiped out in the Genesis days. Fangar seldom goes out to battle in the Fire and Ice Wars. He stays in the Ice Fortress most of the time.

Fangar leads the first assault in the Ice Clans' invasion and later returns to the Lion Temple in the Lions' last stand, during the Dark Ages of CHIMA.

Fangar's defeatEdit

All of the Fire Relics are returned to the God of Fire, and are ready to be used to start a new Illumination.

Fangar is a mere centimeter close to dominating CHIMA and killing King Lavertus until the Illumination is released.

Fangar slowly burns and melts to death, with Lavertus watching in disgust and horror.

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