Rise of Darth 3PO is an upcoming Lego stop motion movie being made by Mammoth Supremacy 55 as a parody based on a meme he saw on the internet.

It should be released February 7th 2020.

A trailer has been posted on Instagram. ( @mammothsupremacy )


The movie took approximately a month to make and is 30 minutes long.

Unlike the production of Legends of CHIMA, the scenes were actually not made in the order they would be put into in the final product.

An opening crawl was made as well as end credits. They were made similar to that of Star Wars but not exact.

Plot Edit

Master Yoda sends C3PO to Dathomir to take out Count Dooku and General Grievous. He also fights some droids along the way. Count Dooku wields a regular sword as a joke on the 2017 Battlefront II mods.

Grievous escapes to Utapau.

Kiadi Mundi is sent to Kashyyyk to help with the droid attack on the Wookiees he always asks about.

C3po is on Utapau leading the 212th battalion against Grievous and defeats him

But then Palpatine takes 3po to his labratory and makes him a Sith droid instead.

Darth 3PO wipes out the Jedi.

A battle happens on mustafar and Yoda finds 3po there.

They fight and Yoda wins and Palpatine finds 3po there and takes him to his repair shop.

Yoda then goes to Dagobah and watches Shrek, plays Lego STar Wars complete saga on Wii and overdoses on Ketamine. the end.

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