Turok Evolution is a fantasy first person shooter game, a prequel to the Turok video game series, based on the Turok comic series. The game was developed by Acclaim Studios Austin, the creators of the other Turok games, and released in 2002 for PlayStation 2, XBOX, and GameCube. A PC port was released in 2003 in Europe. There was also a sidescrolling platformer Turok Evolution for the Game Boy Advance.


In the 1800s of America, Captain Bruckner, a Westerner campaigner and enemy of Native Americans and a Native American named Tal Set duel and fall off a cliff and are lead into an alternate world.


Turok Evolution is a first person shooter where you play as Tal Set. The objectives are simple, and the gameplay is simple in a way that makes it fun, like Alien Trilogy, another game from Acclaim, which I love. The R2 button is the shoot trigger, unlike most PS2/PS fps games I've played where R1 is the shoot trigger instead. The jungle environments of the levels are inhabited with dinosaurs and animals.

The weapons in the game mostly have alternate uses and add ons. 

In the game, the player must combat the antagonist anthropomorphic reptiles known as Slegs.

Some levels are flight simulators, flying on the back of a Quetzoquolatalus. I hate flying simulators and I found these flying levels infuriating, but not too bad. It's a good idea.


I love this game! I play it all the time! I finished it and I feel inquired to get an N64 and play Dinosaur Hunter as this is a prequel to it. I know some people said some negative things about this game, but screw what they have to say.

This is one of my top games for PlayStation 2 along with Alien vs Predator Extinction.

However, I'm disappointed that the PS2 port's multiplayer is only 2 player while the XBOX and GameCube had 4 player.

I give this game a 10/10

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