Tiggers' Honey Hunt is a sidescrolling platforming game based on the Winnie The Pooh franchise, developed by Doki Denki and published by Disney Interactive. The game was released in 2000 for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and PC. The game is not as obscure as the Land Before Time video games, but not as popular as some underrated gems of the PlayStation, such as Alien Resurrection and Legend of Dragoon. I did internet searches of the game, and apparently, anyone who discusses the game only talks about the Nintendo64 version of the game. Am I the only one who knows that Tigger has a PlayStation port? Coulda made it a 64 exclusive to call it "Tigger 64".


Winnie the Pooh wants to have a party, and asks Tigger to do a favor as to go around and find honey for the party.

Game PlayEdit

The player controls Tigger in a side scrolling 3D platformer. The objective is to collect the required number of honey pots and make it to the end to progress to the next level.


There are 9 levels of the game, including three mini games, in between every 2 sidescrolling platformer levels. One of the minigames is a Simon Says game, another is Pooh Sticks, and the last is Rock Paper Scissors. Rock Paper Scissors is the grand finale of the game, and after winning the first and second minigames, power-ups are unlocked, which are flying and super jump.


The three minigames are also avaliable in a multiplayer section. The playable characters in this are Tigger, Owl, Piglet, and Pooh.

My thoughts on the gameEdit

It's not one of my favorite games of the PlayStation, but I must admit that it is very good. It was a really good game. Also, it reminds me of Ice Age for the Game Boy Advance. If I get N64, I'll make sure I get the N64 copy of this game.

I give this game an 8/10.

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