So, you remember I did reviews on the Star Wars movies, but today, we talk about a video game based on the movies. Because Star Wars did so well, it had an infinite number of video games. More games than Shrek and James Bond have! Believe me, Shrek and James Bond have a lot of video games. But Star Wars has even more. Of all the Star Wars games they made, I want to talk about Battle Front II. As you can tell from the title with a "II" in it, it is clearly a sequel to a game called "Star Wars BattleFront", which, the less said about this games predecessor, the better.

Game Play Modes Edit

There are three gameplay modes on BattleFront II. First, there is "Rise of the Empire", which is a story mode, then there is Galactic Conquest, a battle strategy game with the objective of dominating the galaxy, and Instant Action, where you can play any battle any way you want just for the hell of it!

Rise of the Empire Edit

RotE tells the story of an elite legion of Clones known as the 501st. Some chapters of RotE are events of the movies, and some are things that happen outside of the films, so we get some good behind the scenes. Example would be Mygeeto, the first chapter, in which the Clones must retrieve the Kyber Crystal Palpatine wants to use to power the laser of the Death Star. The story mode campaign has dull moments, though. One of the most dull moments would be the mission on Felucia. The mission on Felucia was really simple and underwhelming. Barely anything needs to be done at all on that mission. However, we get one good thing from it; we learn that Acklays, the giant mantis things from Attack of the Clones came from here.

My favorite part of RotE would be Mustafar. Gizor Delso, a member of the CIS that escaped Vader's purging of the Separatists, came to Mustafar and found a droid factory and revived the battle droid army. The Empire that brought peace to the galaxy after Revenge of the Sith quickly responded to this and crused the droid army and executed Gizor Delso. However, I felt bad for killing the droids, my favorite alliegence in the franchise! But then again, there is no true good or bad in the game, it depends on who you play as, and who you fight.

But then we get a piss poor clone of the previous mission, the same thing but with clones. The Empire must stop the Clone Troopers from existing again. This mission on Kamino was another dull moment of RotE.

Also, this game proves Rogue One never happened: Instead of a battle on a beach, there was a prison break in the Death Star lead by a Jedi survivor of Order 66. The Jedi and rebels escape with the Death Star blueprints, escape to Polis Massa, the medical asteroid from the end of Revenge of the Sith, and they transmit the blueprints to Tantive IV, and that is where A New Hope begins.

In the end, the Empire brings peace to the galaxy, an ending I find happy as I think the Empire and Separatists were the real good guys in Star Wars.

Galactic Conquest Edit

Galactic Conquest is a battle strategy where you are either the Republic against the CIS, the CIS against the Republic, the rebels against the Empire, or the Empire against the rebels. You can earn credits (virtual currency) by winning battles and use the credits to buy fleets and battle enhancing accessories. Galactic Conquest is addictive and I just can't get enough of it! I never find a good stopping point when I play this mode- no, binge playing this mode.

Instant Action Edit

Play the battles you want, however you want, just for the hell of it. Enough has been said.

My favorite part of this mode is Mos Eisley Assault. When I first saw this, I thought it was an alternate route to a space battle over Tatooine, as "assault" is the name for the space battle mode. I was wrong, but in a good way. You can play as all the main characters in a ridiculously epic battle royale! I wish that Mos Eisley was not the only place you could do this, it would have been epic on Mustafar.

Heroes Edit

Not only can you play as various soldier classes on all four sides, you can also play as some of the main characters of the movies. Most of them are Jedi/Sith. My favorite heroes to play as are General Grievous, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Obi Wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Ki Adi Mundi, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Vader.

Mace Windu Edit

What's so cool about Mace Windu is that he smashes the ground for his jump attack, which none of the other characters do. I love smashing the ground!

General Grievous Edit

General Grievous is my favorite character to play in the game since he has more than one blade, and he is not insane to control in the game. Grievous does his signature "Unrelenting Advance" when you press the attack button while dashing. However, he can not double jump, and his only special ability is "rage" (giving friends a damage increase power up or damaging enemies). But he is still my favorite character to play as, as his fighting and controls are the best. Besides, the character himself was one of the few positives of the franchise as a whole.

Aayla Secura Edit

Aayla Secura has two swords, though is not as easy to control, but still okay. (Though I don't remember her having two swords in the movies, but whatever.)

Darth Maul Edit

Darth Maul has a double bladed sword, which is fun to use. Nothing else to say, Maul's a good character to play as in the game.

Anakin Skywalker Edit

Disappointingly, this character is rare to play as. He can be played as in the Knightfall chapter of RotE, and the only Instant Action he is playable in is Mustafar (Civil War) which makes no sense as he was in a body suit during that time. I am disappointed that this character is so rare in the game.

XBOX Version Edit

When it comes to Star Wars BattleFront II, most people recall it being a game for PS2. Nobody stops to say "WAIT! It was also on XBOX". The game was also on PC and PlayStation Portable. I recall playing it on PC when I was a really little kid, but I remember nothing of it. But I tried the demo of the XBOX version on the Clone Wars Volume II DVD, and the XBOX port of BF II is not the same game. It is even worse. The target recticle is not in the center, and even worse, it is not where you are aiming, so you have to use guesswork to shoot down enemies. One of my favorite features of the PS2 game in which you can customize the control assets as you like, is gone on the XBOX port, and I have to stick with a control asset I don't fully like. The controls suck as well, and it seems kind of confusing. Nobody should have the mispleasure of playing the god awful XBOX port of this game. It is a good thing people think of this as a PS2 game and not a game for XBOX.

Review Edit

Unlike the piss poor and absolutely pitiful films it's based on, the video game was good. I give the game a 9/10. I think they could have made a lot of things in the game better, but for now, I want to review the game and talk about the good things in it.

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