The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is a first person stealth/shooter/fighter released in 2004 for Xbox, and is a prequel to the Riddick movie series.

The game has been acclaimed for being one of the best movie based games and one of the best games for XBOX.

Story Edit

The game is a prequel to the movies, as mentioned earlier in this review. There is not much story in the game, except the game is mainly about the antihero Riddick and his escapes from various prisons that lead up to where he is in the movie Pitch Black.

Gameplay Edit

The game is in a first person perspective, and the player controls Riddick. The game involves stealth to avoid being caught by prison guards, interacting with inmates, which can sometimes involve brawls. The player can find certain weapons throughout the game as well, which can be useful.

Weapons Edit

There are several weapons in the game, such as melee weapons like clubs and shivs, as well as types of guns like an electric tranquilizer, a shotgun, a pistol, and assault rifle.

My thoughts on the game Edit

I thought it was a good game, but nothing special. To me, it was just a good game. I do not see how it would be considered one of the best movie based games. And it is not really movie based. It is not a video game adaptation of the movies. In fact, why did we not get video game adaptations of the movies? But do not say I did not like the idea of a prequel game, I thought it was really cool that they did that. I am glad they went ahead with that. I can think of some movie based games (that REALLY are movie based) that are better than this, or at least in my opinion, better than this. I also found the game somewhat unpleasant to play, probably because the settings are so dark and eerie. But I also felt smart playing the game as I took time to figure out what to do in the game, and I never needed to rely on gameplay videos to help me, at all. I also thought the game was really short.

I give this game an 8/10.

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