Atlantis The Lost Empire is an action adventure game, a Tomb Raider clone to be precise, based on the film of the same name and released in 2001 as a PlayStation exclusive as it was made by Sony themselves. I haven't seen the movie yet. I never have time to watch movies. I only have time to play games and review the games I play. That's all I got time for.

In the game, the player traverses through many long levels of puzzle solving and some 3D platforming. Throughout the levels are checkpoints where the character can save progress and change character. There are five characters the player can control, each with their exclusive advantages.

Milo can climb and read Atlantean signs

Vinny can set TNT to explode things

Audrey can fix broken things

Moliere can dig

Kida can interact with Atlantean items

Some characters are stronger than others, and some can jump farther than others. Each character also has their own weapon, such as Audrey's handgun, for example. The player can look into a first person mode on any character, which is effective for playing as Audrey and using the gun.

The Mammoth Edit

There is a part in the game where Milo gets chased by a Mammoth.

The Guards Edit

There are guards that will catch the player if spotted. They run really fast, and it is exciting to avoid being caught by the guards. I personally find the guards to be the most annoying thing of the entire game.

Vehicle Levels Edit

Not all of the levels are long episodes of Tomb Raiding action, some of the levels are short levels of controlling a vehicle, such as a submarine, a truck, and an aktirak.

My thoughts on the game Edit

I found this game to be far better than Tomb Raider. I don't like Tomb Raider. It has too many problems: bad controls, poor way to save progress, and no clue as how to progress in the game. Atlantis, on the other hand, has good controls, a better progress saving method, and gives clues as how to progress.


I give this game a 10/10.

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