Alien Trilogy is a science fiction first person shooter game released in 1996 for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC. The game was developed by Probe Entertainment, the creators of Die Hard Trilogy.

Plot Edit

Alien Trilogy starts half way through the second Alien movie that starts with the colony on the LV 426.

Later on in the game, it is revealed that the game is an alternate timeline after the first Alien movie as the Fiorina prison from Alien 3 is on the same planet as the Colony, and eventually Ripley goes into the Malikak shipwreck, which is on the same planet.

Game Play Edit

The game is basically Doom with Xenomorphs. You play as Ripley and must complete simple tasks such as collecting ID tags, destroying crates, killing all Aliens in an area, killing all Synthetic Guards, etc.

Throughout the levels you can look for health, ammunition, and new weapons such as a shotgun and later a pulse rifle.

There are three sections of the game, which are 10-14 levels. At the end of each section is a Xenomorph queen boss fight.

The game keeps record of how many enemies you kill, how many secret areas you found, and how well you did the mission objective for the level. If you do okay, you move on to the next level. If you excel, you are rewarded with a bonus level where you can stock up on health and ammo. If you do poorly, you must restart the level.

Weapons Edit

The game starts the player off with a 9mm, which is good for combating facehuggers and busting open crates that have health and ammunition in them. In the first level, you must look for a shotgun for combating xenomorphs, company enemies, and destroying heat sealed barrels, which cannot be destroyed with the 9mm.

Later on in the game you find a pulse rifle, which is also good for combating xenomorphs and company enemies, but rapidly fires and can launch grenades unlike the shotgun.

Even later into the game, you can find the smartgun, which is a pulse rifle that can fire at three targets simultaneously, which is helpful for when you are surrounded by aliens.

Health Edit

The health is at its maximum of 100, but if it is depleted, you can find and use health kits, which restores the health by 20%. There is also the adrenaline burst, which increases the health to 200. The health kits are only effective if the player is under 100 health. There are also dermpatches, which restore health by 1% whether or not the players' health is over 100, increasing the health maximum.

My input on the game Edit

The game was easy and simple in a way that made it really fun to play. Of all the Alien video games I have played, this is the one I like the most. 10/10.

My problem with the Title Edit

The game is titled "Alien Trilogy" making it assumable that it is a video game adaptation of the original trilogy of Alien. However, this is incorrect. The game starts off half way through Aliens, and later in the game, the prison from Alien3 is put onto the same planet as the colony, as well as the Malikak shipwreck. The game is actually an alternate timeline after the first Alien movie. The game has a poor plotline, but not to worry, it isn't canon. The gameplay is really fun so no need to worry about the poor storyline.

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