Alien -VS- Predator Extinction is a real time strategy installment of the Alien VS Predator video game series. The game was developed by ZONO, published by Fox Interactive, and distributed by Electronic Arts, and released in 2003 for PlayStation 2 and XBOX.

What is this game? Edit

AVP Extinction is a rts game, and an installment of the Alien VS Predator video game series. The player may be the Alien, Predator, or the Marine factions, and each campaign has 7 missions, which all happen simultaneously, and depict the events from their perspectives.

Me on the game Edit

I have been well familiar with the Alien franchise ever since I was 12 years old. I absolutely fell in love with the original three movies when I first saw them, and later I saw all the other movies, and after that, I played some of the Alien games, first Alien Resurrection for PlayStation, then Alien Trilogy for PlayStation, which I discussed back in April. Later, I played Colonial Marines on XBOX 360, which I honestly like more than other people do. Then, I got this game, introducing myself the Aliens cross over with Predator. I have not been familiar with Predator or its cross over with Alien. So this was my first AVP game. I enjoyed the FPS games of shooting the aliens, but that concept was rather old, so I decided to start fresh when I started playing AVP Extinction.

Campaigns Edit

Alien Campaign Edit

I started with the Alien campaign, in which I control the aliens. This was also my first rts game. There are different alien types, and facehuggers which you can use on predators, marines, and the creatures that roam the maps. There are two alien types, the pure breed (Praetorian) and the transbreed, which are based on their hosts. The Praetorians can be morphed into Alien Queens, which can lay facehugger eggs. On all three campaigns, the player earns points which can be spent on reinforcements and upgrades. I finished the Alien campaign, and absolutely enjoyed it. It is my favorite of the three campaigns.

Predator Campaign Edit

Later, I tried the Predator campaign, which I must say is my least favorite. The game limits how many aliens/predators/marines you can have at a time, and the Predator limit is a harsh, unfair 12. I think that I somehow managed to complete 1 never mind 2 missions of the Predator campaign. I quit the Predator campaign because it's too unfair.

Marine Campaign Edit

Then I tried the Marine campaign, which I think is pretty good. The Marines have several classes, such as the basic infantry, the comm tech soldiers which can call in reinforcements, medics, who can replenish the health of other marines, and the synthetics, which have motion trackers.

My thoughts on the game Edit

I thought that it was VERY GOOD! It's one of my top games for the PlayStation 2, along with Turok Evolution, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, and Treasure Planet. I haven't played many RTS games yet but I can confirm that AVP Extinction is my favorite RTS game ever, and one of my favorite Alien/Predator/AVP games, ranking #2, following Alien Trilogy for the PlayStation.

I give this game a 10/10.

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