Last weekend, I watched Predator. I can´t help but say it right away, it was AMAZING! I LOVE IT! It was a really good movie. One average Saturday, I went onto Afdah, a website where you can watch movies for free, and I watched Predator on that site, and I was blown away!

Information Edit

Title: Predator

Year: 1987

Company: 20th Century Fox

Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Horror

Plot Edit

A group of soldiers go to Guatemala to rescue politicians held hostage there, and an alien from space arrives earth. This alien hunts people for sport. Along the way, the soldiers encounter the alien and fight it. More and more of the soldiers get killed by the alien until there is one left, who goes into the jungle and sets up traps for the alien, and eventually kills it. Actually, the alien kills itself with a self destruct bomb, hoping to kill this soldier, except he runs away from the alien, thus, it only killed itself.

My thoughts Edit

I absolutely enjoyed watching it! I hope to get a DVD copy of the movie to own, it was that good.


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