PlayStation 2 is a pretty good console. It is a bummer that nobody plays on it anymore except me. They had some of the best games ever on that console. Crash Bandicoot: the Wrath of Cortex, Shrek SuperSlam, Treasure Planet, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Crash Twinsanity, Antz Extreme Racing, Terminator Dawn of Fate, Tarzan: Untamed. Oh, man, those were all classics! The console was released in 2000. It was the console that started the Sixth Generation of gaming and succeeded to the Seventh Generation. It can even play DVD video, meaning you can watch movies on it, like Ice Age or even Titan A.E.! YAY! :D It was in competition with Xbox, which came out a year later and did not last as long or have as many games or good graphics and the GameCube, which was probably the worst in competition, but no offense to fans of GameCube. It is also backwards compatiable with games for the PlayStation, but personally, I use a separate PS1 for those games because if you play CD format discs on the PS2 too much, that starts to damage the player.

A couple years later, they made a slim model in 2004.

The PS2 had been around a few years after Microsoft cancelled XBox and Nintendo cancelled GameCube. Sony may have released the PS3 in 2006 but they still kept up the PS2 until 2012. PS2 is the console that lived the longest life. If you want to see some gameplay videos of Shrek SuperSlam and other classics like that, come see this channel, General Grievous The Video Game Guy:

An image of the fat and slim models of PS2
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