PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The top compeditors of the sixth generation. I recently got an Xbox, and here, I think I will write down differences and perhaps figure out which one is better. Seriously. I have no idea whether Xbox or PS2 is better.

PlayStation 2 Xbox Winner
Controllers I like the button layout of the PS2 controller better, and I like that the analog sticks are symmetric. However, it feels kind of small in my hands, and the face buttons feel weak. Also, the vibration is a bit weird, or maybe that is because I played on PS2 so much the vibration wore out in the controller. I like that the Xbox controller is larger, but I find the button layout a bit odd. I have an S controller, which I think is better than the Duke, at least that I saw of. I like the sharp, intense vibration, and I like that it has gun-like triggers instead of regular buttons for triggers like that of PS2. I am just a little uncomfortable with how the White and Black buttons are so low that I have to move my hand lower to reach them. Another thing about the Xbox controller that I find dumb is the need of a breakaway cable, which is unecessary, but I do not really have a problem with it. TIE!
Memory PlayStation 2 uses memory cards to save progress on games, and the memory card holds a lot of data. And if you want to save progress on a game, you need a memory card. On the Memory Card, it organizes the files based on how recently they have been updated and it lists the date they were updated. Xbox uses internal memory, so you do not have to go and get a memory card just to save progress on a game, but if you like, you can copy saves to memory cards that (as weird as this may sound) go into the controller. The Xbox memory card may not have much space, but the Xbox internal memory can hold a vast amount of data. On both the Internal Memory and the Memory Card, the Xbox alphabetizes the files, but does list the date they were updated. Xbox
Exclusive Titles Most PS2 games are already on Xbox and or GameCube. But PlayStation 2 is subject to a handfull of exclusive titles, like Treasure Planet and SOCOM. Xbox is well known for having exclusive titles, such as HALO, Shrek, Tork Prehistoric Punk, and Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Xbox
Selection of Games PlayStation 2 has the most diverse selection of games. Xbox is known for having mostly hardcore, mature content whereas the GameCube has mostly little kiddies games. But PlayStation 2 has both of those types of games. Also, PlayStation 2 had been succsessful over it's two main rivals, and thus lasted longer as to have the games Kung Fu Panda and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Xbox, like GameCube, was beaten by PlayStation 2 and thus died out in 2007, and a lot of it's games are also on PS2 and sometimes GameCube. Despite having some good exclusives, PlayStation 2 wins this round. PlayStation 2
Backwards compatibility PlayStation 2 introduced the idea of backwards compatibility as it can also play PS1 games and use PS1 memory cards. Xbox is the first console of it's line, so it has nothing to be backwards compatiable with. PlayStation 2
CD playback Both consoles can play music CD. PS2, can use the gaming controller to pause, skip, and rewind. And you can set up random and program. Xbox can play CD, with the gaming controller. But it can not rewind or fast forward. It's trigger buttons instead skip and previous. However, this console can copy audio files and you can make soundtracks in the internal memory or memory card of the Xbox, so a point goes to both consoles. TIE!
DVD playback PS2 was made to play DVD by default; the first DVD playing mechanism ever. Also, it was cheaper than any other DVD playing equipment by several hundred dollars. PS2 was 299-399, other DVD players were 799-1299. Xbox, too, can play DVD, but you must insert a playback kit into the Controller and use a special remote. So you might as well use your PS2 or regular DVD player to watch movies. PlayStation 2
Clock Both console have clocks, and the PS2 clock loops from 1999-2099. But it will continue on time after you unplug it. Every time that you unplug Xbox, you must set up the clock. But it only says 99-00 so it does not matter, it can go on forever and be accurate. Lmao TIE!
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Troubleshoot Warning If the AV cable is not connected to the Xbox, the Xbox's eject button will flash orange as a troubleshoot warning. If you put the cable back in, it automatically shuts off. Xbox
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