We all know the movie Shrek, the flagship of DreamWorks, and one of their best movies. And we all know it spun off an ogreload of video games. Today, I will discuss my top four most favorite Shrek video games of all time.

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Shrek 2 Beg For Mercy (Game Boy Advance Exclusive)

BFM serves as a tie in to the Shrek 2 game for GBA. Beg For Mercy follows the plot of the movie Shrek 2 from the perspective of Puss in Boots, so in this game, we get to see some things that happen outside of the movie, one of the few times a Shrek game expands on Shrek canon. The game play is fun, and it is also one of my favorite games for GBA.

I give this game an 8/10.

#3 Edit

Shrek 2 (PlayStation 2 and GameCube)

This game was super popular at its time, and is a video game version of Shrek 2. However, fun fact is that the game was made first, so the movie Shrek 2 is based on the game. The game supports up to four players and is really fun, each character has special abilities and disadvantages, there are 10 playable characters, and the game has many cool, interesting places, characters, and events. Shrek 2 is a really good game.

I give this game an 8/10

#2 Edit

Shrek SuperSlam (PlayStation 2/XBOX/GameCube)

This game has a lot of popularity on the internet, and for good reasons. SuperSlam is a fighting game that supports up to four players. It does not have much of a storyline, really, but it is fun. You can choose who to play as, you can choose opponents, and you can choose slam grounds to fight in. There are different gameplay modes, such as King of the Hill, (trying to stay on top to gain 30 points to win) and Slammageddon, whoever slams first wins in Slammageddon. Shrek Super Slam is a classic.

I give this game a 10/10

#1 Edit

Shrek 2 (Game Boy Advance)

The GBA version of Shrek 2 may not have multiplayer, but the gameplay is fun. I talked about this game's tie in earlier, Beg For Mercy. Shrek 2 (GBA), unlike the other Shrek 2 game, is based on the movie as it came after. The game really has the vibe of the movie, as well as Finding Nemo and Brother Bear for Game Boy Advance, because Shrek 2, Finding Nemo, and Brother Bear for Game Boy Advance were made by Vicarious Visions. In the game, you collect 40 coins in all the levels to unlock bonuses, just like how you collect 40 acorns in all ten levels of Ice Age to unlock a bonus level.

I give this game a 10/10.

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