Disclaimer: This is my original opinion, and I respect your opinion of you liked some of these, and if you do, then GREAT! But this is my opinion:

Beauty and the Beast (1991 animated film) Edit

This movie disturbs me beyond disturbing. The whole thing is a propaganda heap! (I am Conservative, so I am going to have a politically biased rant for Beauty and the Beast:

  1. Gaston offers to marry Belle, who declines, which is straight out feminism.
  2. Belle falls in love with the Prince at the time he is an animal, which is bestiality.
  3. The movie demonizes Conservatives and Christians as Gaston is portrayed as the main antagonist, and is an implied Conservative as he is a hunter and owns a tavern. All of the antagonists says "Praise the Lord and here we go" before going to assassinate the Prince. This implies that the antagonists are Christian.
  4. There is even a homosexual reference as the candle guy kisses the clock guy on the cheek, which is just gay af.

The Lion King (1994) Edit

I have heard people say it is "ThE bEsT mOvIe EvEr" but no. This is yet another politically correct shit heap from Disney. The plot line is all about revenge. Everyone is an antagonist. After Scar kills Mufasa, Mufasa's son Simba grows up with intent of killing Scar out of revenge. I am not saying Scar was good. Everyone is evil in that movie! And the Hyenas kill Scar at the end, which is betrayal right there. And the subliminal messaging is over the top! The word "sex" is everywhere. Certain rocks and plants form up that word literally millions of times.

Mulan Edit

Let's just say the whole movie is cross dressing and gay shit. I know it is about a woman disguising as a man (IN ORDER TO TAKE HER FATHERS' PLACE AS A SOLDIER) but it just seems feminist. And when the guys dress up as women is even worse. That movie is gay af.

Aladdin Edit

Islamic propaganda found here. Disney is discriminatory to Christians and leaves Christianity out of all their movies and yet have no problem whatsoever putting Islam into one of their films. They say "Praise Allah" FIVE F**KING TIMES! And there is a reference to Sharia law as an officer is about to cut off Jasmines' hand for stealing a fruit from a market.

Everything Star Wars related ever Edit

I hate this shit fest. And yes, this one gets political too. The original 1977 movie is a rip off of Nazi propaganda films from the early 40s, so if you liked the original Star Wars, then you support Nazis. Return of the Jedi was made as a pro vietcong propaganda film and the Endor battle seems quite enviornmentalist as the Ewoks use sticks, rocks, and other natural objects to destroy the Empires' buildings and vehicles on the planet. The Empire did nothing wrong! And the movies put bounty hunting in negative light as the bounty hunters always serve the supposed villains. (Bounty hunters, must I remind you, are people who track down criminals and turn them in to the government for a price, a rather good deed?)

And it gets worse with the prequels. The Phantom Menace was made to poke jabs at Republicans. An example would be the main antagonist, Nute Gunray. His name is strikingly similar to Newt Gingrich, a member of the Republican Party. And in the next movie, Attack of the Clones, they put human cloning in positive light as the Republic (the supposed heroes) make human clones to fight the CIS, which is wrong. Human cloning is bad.

Star wars trilogy poster by sans fi-d96dpnj

And the most Liberal movie makers ever, Disney, f*ck the franchise by making awful garbage!

  • The Force Awakens: Finn was deliberately played by a black guy for political reasons. This could possibly involve Black Lives Matter. (But keep in mind that black people in general are not bad, and BLM is a racist group as they say black people matter but everyone else does not)
  • Rogue One: Yet another name similarity. One of the protagonists, Saw Gurrera, has a similar name to Che Guevera.
  • Solo: Has gay shit in it. Lando is a pansexual fag in this movie, which is wrong as it says in the Essential Chronology book that he is heterosexual. Therefore, the Disney movies are not canon.

Now, to leave politics out of it, Star Wars is pretty much about mentally disabled "specials" fighting for no reason. The characters are representing autistic stereotypes, which I find quite offensive as I have autism. I AM NOT STUPID! The only Star Wars movie I liked was the 2003 Clone Wars because in Clone Wars, the characters are badasses instead of autistic children.

Fantasia Edit

It has a demon chant in it. And no plot to it.

The Lorax Edit

Disney is not the only one making politically correct shit movies. Universal made this awfully boring movie. The Lorax has a message of environmentalism and anti business messages. And this movie is boring as f*ck! I tried watching it and I just could not.

A Bug's Life Edit

The movie has gay shit and pro communism messages. The ladybug guy is mistaken for a woman, and the flies joke about "polinating with real bugs" (which means have sex)

I know that Ant Colonies in real life are communist, but they value and cherish that in the movie. Antz, on the other hand, is a good movie as it is anti communism and pro capitalism. A Bug's Life is just terrible. And very unrealistic, too. The ants have four limbs- Wait! Wtf? We all know insects have six legs. What is this crap you are trying to pull on me, Pixar? And they are blue and purple. Dude, ants are either red or black. There are no blue ants! No wonder I like Antz so much more: At least in Antz, they can be at least a little bit scientifically real with the characters. And they put more emotion and personality into the characters of Antz. And of course, Antz actually has a moral. A Bug's Life did not do a good job on anything! And a counter argument against a bugs life fan boys who say Antz had bad animation: A bugs life had even worse animating, if you look closely enough. Antz had better animation, it just looked old. And a bugs life was basically leftist eye candy with the animation of the Globglogabgalab.

Monster's Inc. Edit

Another movie from Pixar. Let's keep in mind Disney owns the rights to Pixar. Disney was in a Liberal era from the late 80s to 2005. And these movies were made just in that time! Monster's Inc. puts monsters in positive light, which is wrong. (They should have just called them creatures) and they use children (First, they scared them for screams and then they entertain them to make them laugh) but either way, they are using children, which just sounds perverted.

And it feels like Sulley and Mike are gay together, especially at the end song, "If I didn't have you". This movie is perverted beyond imagination.

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest Edit

Environmentalist and anti business, just like the Lorax.

Chicken Little Edit

Disney's first computer animated film. The animation was horrible! And it was kind of globalist and the whole thing made me cringe to death.

Chicken Run Edit

Aardman, British clay mation studio creator of Wallace & Gromit made this anti business enviornmentalist, and absolutely disrespectful parody of The Great Escape, a very good and patriotic movie. (They also made a video game for PlayStation, which also pokes a jab at the awesome film The Great Escape.

Avatar Edit

This movie is so horrible that it should not exist! It is, like, 24 hours long and is an awful rip off of Alien, Fern Gully (Which is also on this list), and HALO video games. I like HALO and Alien, however. Those are good. But Avatar should not exist!

Wall/E Edit

Pixar's worst movie ever besides a bugs life. Wall/E is a really boring enviornmentalist science fiction. Whyyyyyyyyy?

Over The Hedge Edit

DreamWorks jumps into the enviornmentalist pool as well with this cringy enviornmentalist cringefest about animals stealing from humans and pest inspectors being bad. Also, if you look at the special features of the DVD, there is something somewhere that basically says the pest inspection group is Christian.

Titanic Edit

Another 24 hour long movie. I am sure it has something Liberal in it but I can not easilly recall. The movie was really long and tedious.


I have nothing agianst the movie, but it was really boring. Most DreamWorks movies of recent are boring. Hopefully, HTTYD 3 can make DreamWorks great again.

ID4 Edit

It had predictive programming and was boring. I am surprised such a boring movie with a weak, basic plot line could be so long. But the PlayStation and Sega Saturn game was even worse. I am glad I got rid of the movie and game. They both sucked.

Boss Baby Edit

Predictive programming and lies about how humans come to be.

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