Pixar, for me, is a mediocre, average studio. They may have made the first computer animated feature lenght film, but aside from that, they are not significant to me. They are so average and mediocre in my opinion. They are just another studio. Some of their movies, like a bugs life and Wall/E, were absolute garbage, most of their movies like Cars and Up are okay but just plain.... plain. But they made just a handful of movies that I really liked, which will be listed in the article.

#3 Toy Story Edit

The first motion picture to be entirely CGI. This movie, as a fact, plays a significant role in the world of movies. And the movie itself, whether or not it would be CGI, was awesome! A great story of American patriotism battling against Totalitarian Regime! 10/10

#2 The Incredibles Edit

The Incredibles is an amazing action movie, and it piques my interest. The video game and the video game sequel were also really good. It is nice to see that Marvel and DC are not the only studios making action and super heroes and super villains! This movie was fabulous! 9/10

#1 Finding Nemo Edit

This is without a doubt their best movie that is not a spin off. The animation is stunning for 2003. I will never see CGI from any studio in any time with better animation than this! And that was just 2003! The story is in good taste (unlike most of their movies) and the characters are well developed, unlike most of their movies. This movie has always amazed and pleased me. This movie gets a straight up 10/10!

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