The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a series of movies based on characters from the Marvel universe, put together as a series in which all the Marvel characters coexist in one universe, basically.

I, Mammoth Supremacy 55, actually never heard of this MCU until about May of 2019, around the same time I first saw the movie "PREDATOR".

However, I had seen some of its' movies, like Iron Man and Ant Man, and I heard of some of them, like Spider Man Home Coming, Black Panther, and Infinity War. I actually didn't know these movies were all of one series until May 2019 when I heard the acronym "MCU".

Phase OneEdit

Captain America: The First AvengerEdit

I did a marathon on the MCU over the Summer of 2019. I started with Captain America: The First Avenger, which I had seen before but it was a long time so I didn't remember too much. CA:TFA was a good movie imo, one of my favorites of this series. 

Next in this series was Iron Man, which I saw a long time ago and actually remembered. Though, unlike CA:TFA, I didn't own a copy of Iron Man until then. (when I saw it first I checked out a DVD at a public library)

Iron Man was pretty good. I hadn't seen the sequels yet, little did I know the Iron Man movies would get better and better.

The Incredible HulkEdit

I then saw The Incredible Hulk, which I was surprised at myself to not have seen before, since that movie was from 2008! Wow. I kinda wonder why there's no more Hulk movies in the series, and why the Hulk actor was changed for the other movies he'd appear in.

Iron Man 2 was pretty good, maybe even better than the first. I loved how it introduced more characters like Black Widow and Iron Patriot. 

The Avengers was awesome! I actually saw it before but I didn't remember a thing about it so watching it again for me was like watching a movie I hadn't seen before. What I love about the Avengers is how they have all the main characters together.

Phase TwoEdit

Phase ThreeEdit

Black PantherEdit

Black Panther was an amazing movie! I loved it! Unlike anything else I've seen. Ya know, Black Panther is normally not the first thing that would come to peoples' minds at the word "Marvel" for some people including me, but either way this movie is AMAZING! One of my top favorites of the series!

Infinity WarEdit

Infinity War was one of the best if not the best. We have all the main characters together as Avengers movies always do, including the new ones we got introduced to in the more recent installments of the MCU, like Spider Man and Doctor Strange. And of course, who can forget the big purple guy, Thanos? Also, I love how Thor is with the Guardians while the other protagonists are at Wakanda. The battle at Wakanda was awesome! This movie does put a smile on my face.


Endgame is a good place to END this series. I mean, it's a good concept, but, SO MANY MOVIES! TOO MUCH TO KEEP UP WITH, especially if you are a hardcore late 90s-early 2010s gamer needing to make game reviews for your YouTube, as well as working on an ambitious Lego stop motion series to shock fans, like Mammoth Supremacy 55 has to do.

I was shocked that Black Widow died, though I already knew Iron died because all the idiots on the internet don't consider there's some people who don't watch Marvel films all that much, lol

But at least there isn't all that nonsense of hinting at another movie and all that. Great ending, because I AM DONE! 

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