2018 was the first full year of Mammoth Supremacy 55's YouTube channel, and he aims for more content in 2019. In this article, we are going to duscuss his plans for 2019.

Success in 2018 Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55 has done very well in 2018. The Greatest Hits of his channel included the legendary Cabin Boi 24's The Legends of CHIMA, a readaptation of a television show from 2012, though featuring a totally different plot and many different characters, an amazing 14 episode fantasy Lego stop motion series of political drama and war. LOC was a classic of his channel, with a big fandom and plenty of fan base hype. Later on, the soundtrack and CHI Bios were uploaded. Another classic of his channel was Buck. Considered to be his best stop motion film, it is a spin off of the Ice Age movie series, and tells the story of how Buck discovered the land of Dinosaurs, and his own amazing journey with Dinosaurs, reflecting the original Ice Age movie.

And Mammoth Supremacy 55 lives to make more classic stop motion films....\

2019 Edit

Legends of CHIMA Season Two Edit

Because of the success of the first season, Mammoth will make a second season of LOC for January-Februrary 2019. Season Two ensures more action, new characters, and more LOC to please the fans. However, Mammoth Supremacy 55 has had to cancel all of his uploads for December 2018 so that he can spare himself time to make Season Two, but it is a risk worth taking, as he says. He actually plans to "delay" some of his videos instead of "cancelling" them as they must be made eventually.

(Unidentified) stop motion film about Dinosaurs Edit

Nothing is known of this project, but it is known that Mammoth Supremacy 55 will make a stop motion film about Dinosaurs for June 2019.

Acorn Island Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55 will work on another Ice Age fan fiction, an Ice Age themed adaptation of the classic Treasure Island that will be set to happen right before Ice Age: The Meltdown. Acorn Island will be an episodic miniseries, intended to be in four or five parts. Acorn Island was an old idea of Mammoth before he ever started YouTube.

The story is that Manny hears a story of how a pirate stole acorns throughout the world and hid them on an island. Manny seeks to find this island and has Sid and Diego join him. They go on an adventure to find a fortuneworth of acorns.

This series was originally planned for December 2018, then moved to December 2019, then finally chosen to be released in July 2019 instead.


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