Mammoth Supremacy 55 is an American YouTuber who started in August 17, 2017.

He makes various contents relating to various subjects such as:

  • Antz
  • AVP (Alien -VS- Predator)
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • HALO
  • Ice Age
  • Legends of CHIMA
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Shrek
  • Terminator
  • Titan A.E.
  • Treasure Planet

Just, basically things he likes.

Gaming Videos Edit

Some of his earliest uploads were game play videos. He did walkthrough series of Ice Age 2 The Meltdown and Shrek SuperSlam for PlayStation 2. He also had walkthroughs of Ice Age for Game Boy Advance, Treasure Planet for PlayStation 1, and Tigger´s Honey Hunt for PlayStation 1. These walkthroughs were taken down as no one viewed them. They were mere ¨dust collectors¨ on his channel.

He plans to revamp these walkthroughs soon as he seeks to do more gameplay videos. He is also looking forward to doing gameplay videos of Antz Extreme Racing for PlayStation 2 and Pooh´s Party Game for PlayStation 1.

Game Play Videos Done Edit

  • Antz Extreme Racing (PlayStation 2) - Single Player - Z Campaign
  • Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (PlayStation 2)
  • Pooh's Party Game (PlayStation 1)
  • Shrek Super Slam (PlayStation 2)

Lost Game Plays that will be Revamped Edit

  • Ice Age (Game Boy Advance)
  • Tigger´s Honey Hunt (PlayStation 1)
  • Treasure Planet (PlayStation 1)

Confirmed Edit

  • Tigger's Honey Hunt (PlayStation 1)

Possible Considerations Edit

  • Alien Resurrection (PlayStation 1)
  • Ice Age 3 (PlayStation 2)
  • Land Before Time (Game Boy Advance)
  • Land Before Time: Return to the Great Valley (PlayStation 1)
  • Land Before Time Racing (PlayStation 1)
  • Shrek Super Party (XBOX)
  • Shrek Treasure Hunt (PlayStation 1)


Mammoth Supremacy had started a new project in May 2018, a stop motion readaptation of Legends of CHIMA, that would contain more mature content than the original show that it would be based on. The plot was that Laval, the Prince of CHIMA would go on a quest to fight in many battles to stop the treachery of a Crocodile named Ragar, who sought to kill the Lions, coveting the CHI, natural power crystals. Civil War is raging on, with various other Clans choosing sides. Lions were the Loyalists and the Crocodiles were the Mutiny. (The Loyalist Party had Lions, Eagles, Leopards, Panthers, Gorillas, and Rhinos; whereas the Mutiny had Crocodiles, Wolves, Black Panthers, and Hyenas) There were independent Clans, such as Elephants, Bears and Tigers. The series consisted of 14 episodes, released in June 2018.


Cabin Boi 24 decided to make movie and video game reviews and rankings to follow the success of Cabin Boi 24´s The Legends Of CHIMA. He only did seven videos, however. During that time, his channel has somehow gained hate. Nothing too direct, just being attacked with dislikes.

But due to time related issues, he scrapped the rest of this series of videos.

The proceeding link leads to his reviews.

Legends of CHIMA - CHI Bios Edit

Due to the failure of his movie series reviews, he decided to upload more LOC affiliated content, as he thought that more LOC content was what was desired by the fanbase.

Channel Intro Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55 made an intro for his videos that plays at the beginning, shortly after a few seconds of introduction.

Cancelled December Plans Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55 had plans to do a series of reviews on Disney Interactive video games, but cancelled it so that he could have time to work on Legends of CHIMA Season Two, due to the success of the first season.

Legends of CHIMA - Season Two Edit

Due to the success of Cabin Boi 24s' THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA, Mammoth Supremacy 55 green lighted the development of a second season, which is underway, but with the loss of cancelling Disneycember, a series of reviews on Disney Interactive video games. Legends of CHIMA Season Two will continue from the first season after the end of the Civil War, in which the Clans agree to stop fighting and thus form the United Republic of CHIMA, a council of all of the Clans that was made to stop Civil War. Xagar, the notorious warlord of the first season is offically wanted, as he has been responsible for most of the events in the Civil War.

The end of the Civil War is only the beginning of the Alien Wars.

Acorn Island Edit

In late June through early July of 2019, Mammoth Supremacy 55 created the stop motion Ice Age fanfiction series "Acorn Island", a five episode series set to happen shortly before the events of Ice Age 2. The series is a loose adaptation of "Treasure Island".


Mammoth Supremacy 55 has admitted to his development of a third Legend, set for release in October thorugh December of 2019. This next season will consist of 21 episodes.

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