Here is a little list of movies that either people have pretty much forgotten about or are being underrated:

Titan A.E. Edit

An animated film directed by Don Bluth, the creator of Land Before Time about a man named Cale, who lives in 3043, about fifteen years after the Drej, blue aliens made of pure energy, destroy planet Earth. Cale was given a ring that has a map to The Titan, a machine that can create planets. There was going to be a game of the movie for PS1, but it was cancelled, as critics unusually gave it a bad review, causing Fox Animation Studios to shut down. Because of this downfall, a new studio came into existance and created a planned project of Fox Animation that never was completed: Ice Age.

Treasure Planet Edit

Just like Titan A.E. or Star Wars, only made by Disney and released in 2002 as a space fantasy adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, Treasure Island. It mixes traditional animation with computer graphics, kind of like Titan A.E. and the 2003 anime of Star Wars: Clone Wars. It is about how Jim Hawkins is anonomously given a treasure map and goes on a journey to find a planet full of treasure. He fights pirates along the way. It got relativley positive reviews. (The Lion King was good and people say that Lion King is the best Disney movie - it is good, but not as good as Treasure Planet, the real best Disney movie ever.

The Emperor's New Groove Edit

I do not think this classifies as a forgotten movie, as it has a spin off movie and a television series, and people have made YouTube Poops and memes out of the movie, but anyway, it was a movie released by Disney in 2000 and probably the funniest Disney movie that ever was made. It is about a pampered Mayan Emperor, Kuzco, who gets turned into a llama thanks to an evil lady named Yzma, who makes a potion and tricks him into drinking it. A villager named Pacha helps out Kuzco by going on a quest to find a human potion that will revert the Emperor back into a human being.

Brother Bear Edit

Yet another movie by Disney, (2003) the story of a Native American in the late Ice Age who is magically turned into a bear. He meets up with a bear named Koda and tries to get to the mountain "where the lights touch the earth" to become human again. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Robots Edit

created by Blue Sky, the creators of Ice Age, about a robot named Rodney Copperbottom, who is an inventor and wants to meet Bigweld, the owner of a popular invention business, but it is too late. Bigweld retires and has Ratchet take over the business and totally ruins it. Rodney goes on a quest to restore the company and get Bigweld back in business!

Ice Age Edit

I am pretty sure we all know that movie, about how a Mammoth becomes friends with a Sloth and finds a human baby in the woods and look for the baby's family and comes across a Tiger who spies on them. However, it seems like the movie is starting to become forgotten as the sequels have been rated as terrible by critics. The first movie is probably the best movie ever.

Antz Edit

created by DreamWorks, the creators of Shrek, only three years earlier about how a worker ant named Z meets a princess at a bar (She should not be there) and falls in love with her. He switches jobs with his best friend, Weaver, who is a soldier so he can see her again. Eventually, they learn that General Formica, the assigned fiance to the Princess has plans to kill everyone in the colony. They now must stop him to save the colony! Princess Bala falls in love with Z more than Formica, and in the end, Bala marries Z instead.

Those are some of the best movies ever, and it looks like people are forgetting them! Hopefully, you will see all of these movies before it is too late.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Edit

Yet another classic from Dream Works! Hell, this is probably better than anything else they made. Of course Shrek and Antz are good movies, but it is tempting to agree with such a statement. Based on good old traditional mythology and another impressive blend of traditional animation and computer graphics like Titan AE or Treasure Planet, for examples, but it seems like off all the movies that blend animation, this one had the most CGI. The plot over all is interesting, and an amazing movie! Needs far more recognition than it has now.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Edit

Another blend of CGI and traditional animation from DreamWorks. And an interesting movie to see too. What is even more interesting is that the animal characters do not talk, but Matt Damon narrates the film from the perspective of the main character, Spirit, who of course is a horse.

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