Here's is a complete list of every single MLG meme ever.


MLG - Major League Gaming (MLG) is a gaming competition for people who think they are "professional gamers".

SWAG - Another word for cool.

YOLO - You only live once

Dictionary of dank memes Edit

Doritos - A gamer's favorite snack. Doritos are nacho cheese corn chips covered in useless powder just to annoy people. (But the powder on Doritos is not as annoying as Cheetos)

Mountain Dew - A gamer's favorite drink. Mountain Dew is a lemon lime flavored soda.

Weed - Weed is a type of drug that makes you even swaggier than swag itself.

420 - The swaggiest number ever

Snoop Dogg - A rapper that smokes weed and does a swaggy dance move

8-Bit Sunglasses - These glasses add 200% more swag points to your swag total.

Illuminati - A symbol that represents how many years it will take until Half Life 3.

Airhorn - A horn that makes a totally swaggy noise.

Troll Face - The face someone make when they are trolling you. U MAD BRO?

Damn, son! - Where did you find this?

Get Out Frog - A frog that tells you to get out.

Lenny Face - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

8/8 m8 - People who are too hipster to say 10/10 mate.

Hipster - A person who doesn't want to try any mainstream things, rather be cool and original.

360 No Scope - Something from Call of Duty.

OH BABY! A TRIPLE - Something else from Call of Duty.

Teletubbies - A British live-action children show about 4 mutant television monsters who sound like stupid babies.

Shrek - A very mighty green ogre who likes to eat onions and listen to Smash Mouth. Shrek is our lord and saviour.

Donald Trump - The swaggiest politician to ever exist.

Thomas the Dank Engine - A swaggy anthropomorphic train

PewDiePie - The world's most fabulous gamer.

Lel - When Lol too normal 4 you and swag combines with comedy.

DAT BOI: A frog on unicycle

Awful fan made illustrations Edit

Spoderman- A crude and weird drawing of SpiderMan.

Sanic - A horrible drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog

Dolan Duck- A weird drawing of Donald Duck from Disney

Gooby- A weird drawing of Goofy the Dog from Disney

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