Cabin Boi 24s' THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA has had two seasons so far. The series originated in June 2018 and was a hit success and the flagship of Mammoth. Due to its' success, creator Mammoth Supremacy 55 created a season two and released it January 2019. Mammoth planned to make two more seasons, for each June-July, but instead made season two approximately half a year before he originally intended. He worked on Season Two starting in November 2018 and released all of its episodes in January 2019, which consisted of 7 episodes, half of Seson One, which was 14 episodes. Season Two, like its predecessor, was a success.

Season Three Release Date Edit

Mammoth is still faithful to his idea of a Season Three, but he arranged its release plan from June 2020 to October-December of 2019. Mammoth has not developed any episodes yet, but has scripted the season. He plans to make it 21 episodes, the number of seasons one and two combined.

Plot Edit

Sesaon Three is set to happen ten years after the Alien Wars (the events of season two). The United Republic has finally found peace, and the Clans live in peace for several years. Lagravis, the King of CHIMA is getting old. His dying days are coming, and his son, Laval will need to be the new king soon.

Spordocon and Battrax, the abominations of Xagar, feel regretful of themselves, and wish to bring themselves to the Lion Temple for execution, after several years of hiding. They bring themselves to the Temple, greeted with a squad of Lion Guards ready to fire. Laval storms out and orders the guards to hold their fire. The abominations wish to be executed publicly, regretful of their existane. Laval instead is "forgiving" and gives some CHI to the abominations as well as two vehicles, and he forever banishes them from CHIMA instead of executing them. The abominations leave to a far away snowy mountain and dump the CHI. The CHI awakens an ancient Clan of terrorists that seek to dominate CHIMA. Their hunt starts once again. Saber Tooth TIgers, Mammoths, and Vultures are resurrected by the CHI.

The Ice Clan attacks the Republic, who is helped by the Phoenix, the ancient God of CHIMA that has never been known until now, he reveals himself to help the Republic.

There, the Fire and Ice War begins.

"Needs More Story" Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55 feels that the main character, Laval, is a "generic badass", killing every villain that comes in his way and there is not much story in season one. He considers killing off all of the main characters in season three to give the season more story.

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