The continuation of Mammoth Supremacy's Legend was a hit, and Mammoth is now considering to make a season three for October-December of 2019. Mammoth Supremacy fans familiar with the original Legend would expect a third season to be about the Ice Clan and the Great Illumination. Mammoth intends for Season Three to be about the Fire and Ice conflict. However, he intends to make it very loose, and more based on his own ideas, as he has with his past two seasons.

Here are some ideas for this third season.

New Characters Edit

Ice Clan Edit

  • Lord Fangar: Ancient Lord of the Ice Clan, a sabertooth warlord with an age old desire of dominating CHIMA. Fangar has also been a legendary military commander, like his counterparts Erut and Stealthor, has lead the Ice Clan into many battles, and has been responsible for many deaths.
  • General Erut: Commander of the Mammoth Clan, and the Lords' most trusted general, ranked as second in command of the Ice Clan. Erut has been responsible for many of the Ice Clans' assaults, and the deaths of many.
  • Prince Stealthor: The son of Lord Fangar, and a military general. Stealthor has earned his name from the many black ops missions he has successfully accomplished. His true name is known by few....
  • Balthazar: The Vulture Clans' finest pilot, extremely skilled in vehicular combat. He has been a legend with a Vulture Bomber, an aircraft vehicle that drops bombs down on what is below it.
  • Magnus: Once a soldier of the Mammoth Clan, now a hulking brute thanks to a nuclear accident that mutated him into the giant he is now, angered at what has happened to him.
  • General Khan: A Saber Tooth Clan general who has had a personal hatred for the Crocodiles. Why he hates the Crocodiles so much is unknown.

God of Fire Edit

The God of Fire is a Phoenix who aids the Republic in their struggle against the Ice Clan by providing Fire CHI. Now that Fire CHI is revealed, the CHI is no longer useful for the Republic and is nothing but the power source of the evil Ice Clan.

Recon Squadron Edit

At some point in Season Three, I, Mammoth, plan to introduce a squad of troopers which are assigned the task of tracking down the Ice Clan base in order for the Republic to win. The squad will consist of four members, a Lion, a Gorilla, a Wolf, and a Crocodile. It is planned that there will be three episodes revolved around this teams' quest to find the Fortress, a small section of Season Three to be known as the Recon Squadron Trilogy. Recon Squad will die trying to find the Ice Fortress....

Story Edit

The Alien Wars have ceased, and the Republic finally finds peace. Ten years later, Spordocon and Battrax end their secret refuge, and reveal themselves to the Lions with the desire of being executed. Instead, Laval provides CHI and vehicles to them as a manner of forgiveness, and orders them an eternal exile away from CHIMA. The abominations leave to the Ice Mountains, and dump the CHI out of more regret, and they accidentally resurrect the Ice Clan, an ancient army sought with dominating CHIMA. There was enough CHI to resurrect the leader, his second in command Erut, a few soldiers, and power some vehicles. Lord Fangar resumes his ancient quest. He knows where the CHI is, and he leads his forces to the Lion Temple. The Lions and the Ice Clan duel, and Lord Fangar robs the Lions of some of their CHI and escapes. They prepare to resurrect more troops and power more vehicles to continue the conquest. Laval then meets the God of Fire, who provides him with Fire CHI, which he shall use to combat the menace. But now, the CHI is no longer good for the Republic, only the cause of the Ice Clan. That is why only the Fire CHI shall be used, and the CHI must be kept from the Ice Clan. Many battles happen on from their, including the Republics' first victory against the Ice Clan, in which Laval takes down a giant Mammoth walker in the Ice Clans' second assault on the Lion Temple since then. Erut was there at that battle, and observed the Prince, and reported to Lord Fangar. Fangar is interested in trying to get Laval to become one of the Ice Clan, as he can make a great asset. The Ice Clan takes over the Crocodile Swamp later on. Cragger and his fellow Crocodiles start an insurrection to liberate themselves, calling themselves the New Mutiny. Xagar, who served 5 years in prison right after the Alien Wars had lived at the Crocodile Swamp, and he helps the Crocodiles in their attempts. Unfortunately, Cragger is killed. The Ice Clan takes over the Wolf Pack territory, and the Wolves are inspired to do the same as the Crocodiles, but General Strainor kills Worriz. Eventually, the Mammoths take over all of the jungle including the Gorillas' home. Laval and Lavertus lead the entire 60th Legion to liberate the Gorillas as well as freeing Gorzan and Rogon, who are held as hostages. All of the 60th Legion forces are killed, and Erut defeats Laval during a duel in his Ice Fort. Erut activates self destruct, with Laval trapped inside. The fort explodes with Laval in it. Erut reports to Lord Fangar. Fangar is impressed that the 60th legion is gone, and he is amazed that Erut could defeat Laval. But he is upset that Laval is dead, and that Erut lost his hold of the Gorillas' territory. He orders General Erut to another Mammoth Clan command post in CHIMA, and secretly orders to unleash the Cave Bears, to kill Erut and his Mammoths for his grave mistake. Erut returns in time for Fangars' dirty backstab, seeing many Mammoths, Gorillas, Rhinos, and even some Saber Tooths dead their carcasses scattered and blood splattered everywhere in the jungle. He also realizes that Rogon and Gorzan are dead too. He is horrified, and unsure what happened. He also meets the Cave Bears and combats them. Eventually, he meets Saber Tooth General Hans, who was responsible for unleashing the Cave Bears. He is releaved to find a survivor. But he is shocked to find out that he was betrayed. He storms back to the Fortress for answers, and very hurt to know that Fangar removed the Mammoths from the Ice Clan. The Ice Clan and the Mammoths battle for a long time, until the Mammoths decide to make a truce with the Lions. The Lions would help the Mammoths gain vengeance, and the Mammoths would help the Lions win the war. And so they do, as an ultimate battle happens at the Ice Mountains, ending with General Erut decapitating Sir Fangar infront of the entire Ice Clan. The end of the war is not to be celebrated, but rather the sacrifices made be mourned.

Laval, Gorzan, Rogon, Worriz, and Cragger are all dead. CHIMAs' greatest heroes. The entire 60th legion is gone. The Republic has fallen. The Fire And Ice War has lead to the Dark Ages of CHIMA.

Publicity Edit

LOC III is planned to be in 21 episodes, released from October to December of 2019.

Content Edit

Mammoth Supremacy 55's adaptation of LEGENDS OF CHIMA has been far more mature than the original series, as it has contained blood and gore as well as some language. Mammoth intends to put this mature content to a farther extreme in season three. More detailed gore as well as stronger language will be in Season Three. Thus, LOC III will be 18+ for Extreme Violence, Blood and Gore, and Strong Language.

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