Legends of Chima in a nutshell

Legends of Chima in a nutshell

This is a two minuite video that recaps the first season.

LEGENDS OF CHIMA is an action/adventure fantasy Danish television series that was debuted in 2012 and ended in 2015. The plotline is that a Royal Lion Clan is held responsible for keeping and protecting power crystals known as CHI. Meanwhile, there is a Crocodile Clan that lives beyond the Royal land of Chima that plot to take the CHI, kill the Lions to a point of extinction and dominate CHIMA.

The Crocodiles attack the Lions, starting a civil war. Other clans take sides in the war.

The Lions are allied with Eagles, Gorillas, Rhinos, and Bears whereas the Crocodiles are allied with Wolves and Ravens.

Eventually, mysterious creatures from the Outlands beyond Chima manage to steal all of the CHI and the Lions and Crocodiles must end the civil war and negotiate to battle the Outlanders. They manage to get the CHI back, but a new threat arises. An ancient Clan of Ice Terrorists resurrect from the dead and terrorize the peaceful lands of Chima. (The Lions and Crocodiles stay allies). Hope is lost as the Ice Clan takes over until they meet God in the form of a Phoenix, who provides Fire CHI to them to use to defeat the Ice Clan.

In the end, the creatures of Chima win against the Ice Clan.
To the right is Laval, Prince of the Lions and the main protagonist.
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