Ice Age (GBA) LongPlay

Ice Age (GBA) LongPlay

Ice age game box

The front cover of the video game

A video game tie in of the movie Ice Age was released in March 18, 2002, as an exclusive title for the Game Boy Advance. The game was developed by Ubi Soft and A2M and published by Fox Interactive.


There are ten levels of the game to play, 7 where you play as Manny through a side scrolling third person exploration, and 3 where you play as Sid through a side scrolling race to the end of the level. The objective of the game is to collect at least 40 acorns in all ten levels to unlock a bonus level.


The game received poor reviews from critics, with Game Rankings and Metacritic reporting an average score of 46.00% and 47/100 respectively. Tim Tracy of GameSpot described the game as a "straightforward platform game with a host of problems that ultimately make it a joyless experience", criticizing the repetitive and uninteresting music and "an overall feeling that trial and error is the key to beating the game". Craig Harris, writing for IGN, also criticized the trial-and-error level design; "the developers make [this game's] levels challenging by creating blind leaps, making it impossible to see what's below a ledge without taking that annoying 'leap of faith'." On the other hand, he was more positive when commenting about the music, describing the game's good use of the GBA's audio hardware as "the game's only real plus."

Cancelled Game Boy Color/Nintendo 64 releaseEdit

After the critic based failure of the Ice Age game for Game Boy Advance, Fox collabed with Nintendo to make a Game Boy Color version of the GBA game and an Ice Age game for Nintendo 64. The game was scrapped for unknown reasons, and Game Boy Color copies were being released in China. There is a belief that it was a pirated/bootleg game, but there is no valid proof of that claim. In the meantime, it remains just as unlicensed.


In the unlicensed game for GBC, you play as a Sloth character that does not look exactly like Sid, and the objective is to collect 50 Ice Crystals in the levels, as well as fighting your way through enemies like Saber Tooth Tigers and Neandrathals.

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