Mammoth Supremacy 55 now confirms a parody on Marvel's Infinity War that is a toy stop motion.

"I have not done stop motion videos with toys in years now, and I have such a fun time doing stop motion videos, and this is my opportunity: to make a parody of something everyone makes jokes about on the internet, but I'm not fully jumping in to the internet cult made of this Infinity War."

He only came up with this idea recently, merely as a joke. "It is also kind of based on a joke I made with my friends once."

The Mammoth is now working on this project. It will be a toy stop motion parody of Infinity War featuring Ice Age, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and Winnie the Pooh. Scrat will be Thanos, or in the parody, Scratnos, seeks to find the Infinity Acorns to rule. Manny and Sid learn about the Acorns and Buck leads them to Madagascar, Hundred Acre Wood, and China to find all the Acorns before Scratnos does.

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