Shrek All Star Scene

Shrek All Star Scene

Somebody once told me....


Smash Mouth, the All Star guy.

So, this particular Web Site is about All Star. I have made a hellovalotta articles here, but nothing about All Star. :( I then decided to contribute to All Star by making this article to explain why All Star became the dank meme it is.

The OriginsEdit

"All Star" is a rock song from 1999 by Smash Mouth made specifically for the movie "Mystery Men". It was used in various other movies such as "Rat Race" and eventually was in the first movie of Shrek, which is where the popularity seed was planted. The song starts as soon as he opens the door. 

The MemeEdit

The perfect timing of Shrek opening the door and the song playing is so accurate. This would then go viral af on the internet in about 2015, along with parody memes of All Star playing whenever a door opens. All Star was a top meme of 2016, the golden age of memes.

Here is a playlist of some of those dank memes:

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