Lately, I discussed a game for PS2, Star Wars BattleFront II. I like most things about the game, but the game has some problems that I think could have been fixed:

Emperor Palpatine Edit

Some of the heroes suck to play as in the game, mainly Palpatine. It sucks to play as Palpatine, because he is really slow, does not have his lightsaber turned on (only when you press the attack button) and he does really slow strikes. And he floats in the air really slowly too. Even when you press the dash button, he is still slow, and his dash attack is very slow too. It feels kind of sticky to plays as Palpatine. He is the worst character to play as in the game.

Hero Only Battle Royale Edit

One of my favorite parts of the game is the Mos Eisley Assault, which features only main characters in a battle royale bash! However, Mos Eisley is a really dull battlefield. I would love to play this battle royale on other locations, especially Mustafar. That would be epic to play that mode on Mustafar.

Revisiting RotE Edit

I love Rise of the Empire, as it tells a great story line through simple gameplay elements. But I would love to replay certain parts of RotE, it would have been nice if there was a chapter select. Because I love to replay parts of games, especially my favorite parts of a story mode campaign.

Multiplayer Edit

With two dualshock II controllers in, you can do two player split screen, on the same team or against eachother. However, I do not like that it does not support up to 4 players, it would have been fun to play this game with three other people with you, as it is one of the best games ever.

Anakin Skywalker Edit

There is only one instant action where you can play as Anakin Skywalker, the main character of the saga, which seems kind of ironic. There needed to be more instant actions where you can play as him, and it makes no sense he is a Civil War Empire Hero, as he was in a body suit during the Civil War, and he was a Jedi, so he should be a hero for the Clone Wars Republic.

Expaned Universe/2003 Clone Wars Content Edit

As awesome as the game is, it would have been even better with EU content, such as Nelvaan. A Nelvaan battlefield would have been epic. This game really needed EU content; sure, it had RotE, but it needed planets from the EU.

EU planets that needed to be in BF II:

  • Ilum
  • Kalee
  • Muunlinst
  • Nelvaan
  • Rhen Var*

*Rhen Var was in the first Battle Front game, which was good of the first BF to use two EU planets, but the gameplay of the first BF was so simple and underwhelming, they might as well have made the first BF be for Game Boy Advance.

The 2003 Clone Wars Edit

They should have also had EU characters, particularly Separatist leaders from the 2003 Clone Wars. I don't get why there never was a video game of the 2003 Clone Wars, or even a game involving content from the 2003 Clone Wars. Sure, Revenge of the Sith for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS used sound tracks from the 2003 Clone Wars, but that does not really count. It makes no sense Jango Fett and Darth Maul are in the game as they died before the Clone Wars. They should have been switched with Durge and Assaj Ventress.

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