HALO: Combat Evolved is a science fiction military first person shooter game released in 2001 as a launch title for the XBOX, developed by Bungie. HALO Combat Evolved is the first installment of the HALO video game franchise.


It is the 26th century, and human population on Earth has gone extremely high. They have had to colonize other planets, and the United Nations had expaned to the United Nations Space Command as the human race was now on multiple planets. Meanwhile, there is a gathering of aliens that believe in a religion known as the Covenant, who must destroy the human race and Earth due to their religion, similar to the Drej from TITAN A.E.

A war has raged on because of this conflict. Chief Petty Officer John 117 goes to the HALO, a giant machine made by the Covenant that can destroy the galaxy. He has to fight his way through Covenant aliens and other enemies to get to the control center to destroy the HALO before it can destroy the galaxy.

Later on in his journey on the HALO, he discovers an illness called the Flood, that turns humans and aliens into mindless zombies that kill and destroy anything in their way. 

Along the way, he meets a robot named 343 Guilty Spark and his sentinels, flying robots with laser beams that help Chief by shooting down the Covenant and the Flood. But later on, 343 turns on him, now introducing a new enemy.

This really has me thinking: Who is the true villain of HALO? The Covenant aliens, the Flood, or the Sentinels?

Anyway, the story continues as Chief goes down to planet Reach, the planet that the HALO floats above, to go into the shipwreck of the Pillar of Autumn to access the computers. He then has to escape before the ship wreck blows, and the HALO is destroyed.


The game was well received and is considered to be the best XBOX game ever. Every aspect of the game was applauded, but the repetitive level design was questioned.

My personal thoughtsEdit

I only started getting XBOX games, and I already know there is no such thing as an XBOX game as good as HALO. HALO is my favorite game for XBOX- no, will always be my favorite game for XBOX.

This is my favorite XBOX game, and I give it a straight up 10/10!

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