Ice Age (2002) Game Boy Advance

Ice Age (2002) Game Boy Advance


The front cover of the game, Revenge of the Sith for the Game Boy Advance.

The Game Boy Advance is a handheld console created by Nintendo in about 2001 or so. It is pretty much a remake of the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). They both have the same graphics and sound quality and stuff. I think they discontinued the console in about 2007 or so.

Games for the consoleEdit

The games they made for this console were quite peculiar and many of them have been considered cringy and terrible by some, but they are thier own unique thing. How else to talk about them but to give some examples of games and explaining them:

  • Ice Age (2002) released the same time the movie, Ice Age, was released in theatres. However, the Ice Age game has no resemblance to the Ice Age movie whatsoever. It is a blatant rip off of Super Mario Brothers, except Mario was replaced with a Mammoth and Luigi was replaced with a Sloth. The only characters recognizable in the game from the movie were Manny and Sid (You play as them in the game), Scrat (an enemy creature seen twice in Level One), Carl the Rhino (Boss fight at the end of Level 4) and Soto the Sabertooth as the final boss. Diego was not even in the game! WTH? And another odd fact about the game is that despite it being on a 16 Bit console, the graphics and music are in 8 Bit. Possibly because they wanted you to know it was a rip off of Super Mario. However, it is quite a fun game, having to collect 40 acorns in each level to unlock a bonus level. It is terrible, but ironically fun.
  • Revenge of the Sith (2005) was a remake of a RotS game by Ubisoft, as The Collective had made a RotS game for the PlayStation 2 and XBox. The game by Ubisoft has been considered not only better than the game by The Collective, but also considered better than the very movie that both games are based on. In the Ubisoft version, you can follow the perspective of either character (Anakin or Obi Wan) and always can go back to play the other perspective, but rather than following the storyline of the movie like The Collective's version of the game, you can follow the character's stories. After completing levels, you can upgrade force powers and after killing boss fights, you can unlock cool new powers. But like all movie based games for GBA, they are going to have something weird in them that makes you wonder if it really was based on the movie: After fighting through the Invisible Hand and defeating Count Dooku, (playing as Anakin), you have to fight through Battle Droids on Coruscant! However, to justify this, Obi Wan explains to Anakin that they are remaining Droids from the Battle of Coruscant, (you will remember this if you saw Star Wars Clone Wars 2003) And from Obi Wan's perspective, after killing General Grievous and fighting through Order 66 Clones, he hides in a cave and comes across two Magnaguard Droids and has to fight them. (Those are the ones that always hang around Grievous, which is weird to see them as in the movie and the other game that after Grievous is killed, the Magnaguards apparently do not exist anymore).
  • Shrek: Reekin' Havoc (2003) a sequel to the game Shrek: Hassle at the Castle, which is based on the storyline of the movie. Reeking Havoc is a dissapointing game as there are six levels, and you only play as Shrek in two of the levels. The other four, you play as Fiona. And the odd thing is, she is in human form, which makes no sense as she transformed into an Ogre at the end of the movie. Also, Donkey does not appear in the game, which feels weird to see too.

Those are just a handful of examples. As you can see, some are cringy and terrible yet very fun to play, and some are so dissapointing that you would wish you never knew they existed. The GBA is a very significant console.


IGN ranked the console with an 8 out of 10, as they found it's specifications great but they did not like the location of the shoulder buttons, but moreover liked it. ABC pointed out the system's lack of a backlight which occasionally got in the way of playing games (But that was fixed as soon as they made the GBA SP with backlighting to it)\

People praised the Game Boy Advance's graphics, grip and larger screen, stating that "You've never had as much fun playing old games."

A reviewer for CNET, Gladstone, scored the system with a 7.0 out of 10, praising its graphical performance and backwards compatibility but being considerably critical of the system's lack of a backlit screen, noting that it makes it "nearly impossible" to play in normal lighting conditions. Gladstone ultimately suggested the sleeker and backlit GBA SP over the system despite noting that its cheaper price may "appeal to gamers on a lower budget."

Over all, the Game Boy Advance has been considered a great console.

Other interesting facts about this console Edit

The GBA is backwards comaptible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Because of the console not having a backlight, they made a newer model, the GBA SP, which supports a backlight. When they made the next generation of console, the DS, they included a GBA port at the bottom. Sadly, it is not backwards compatible. Same goes for the GBM (Game Boy Micro), a GBA player the size of a pocket that was considered terrible and a foreshadow to the DS as it was made LITTERALLY A YEAR AFTER THEY RELEASED THE D.S.!

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