The European Union has banned memes. Everyone has always hated them, but now they hate them more than ever! They have banned memes from the internet, which is irony, as people here in America are making memes about the EU banning memes, making the EU an meme, so they are basically banning themselves! And there will be a civil war in Europe for memes.... Trolling will happen on the internet, as the meme makers will post memes and say things like "Hey, I am making memes" or "F**k you, EU!" on the EU's websites. Then there will be a real civil war, blood and guns. Eventually, the meme lords will win, destroy the union, and recreate it into a more conservative union, the Republic of Kekistan! Pepe the Frog shall be their symbol of freedom. The countries will still be individual. However, they are sovereign, but united. Long live the land of Kekistan!

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