I have been well familiar with the video game of Atlantis The Lost Empire. I had never seen the movie until recently. I feared watching the movie would ruin my interest in the game but it surprisingly didn´t. The movie was really good! My favorite Disney movie. Before I saw The Lost Empire, my favorite Disney movie was Treasure Planet, but I guess that ranks as #2 now.

Plot Edit

An expedition team searches for the lost city of Atlantis, and after they arrive, they negotiate with the Atlanteans, but the main character (Milo) is turned on by the rest of the team. Milo battles to rescue the Atlantean princess held hostage by the team.

My thoughts on the movie Edit

I was amazed by this movie. I actually felt underwhelmed because it was so good. I even recognize some of the melodies from the game in the movie.

I can guarantee it is Disney´s best movie!


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