Die Hard Trilogy is one of Fox Interactives' most notable works and a game that has aged well, though sadly nobody talks about it anymore. But I will discuss this game and why it is the best video game ever.

What is the game about? Edit

Die Hard Trilogy is a game for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Fox Interactive that contains 3 games on one CD rom.

Part 1 Edit

The first game, based on the first Die Hard movie is a third person action game in which the player controls John McClane to shoot down terrorists, rescue hostages, and stop bombs from exploding at the end of each level. There are health and weapon pick ups through out the level.

Part 2 Edit

The second game, based on the second Die Hard movie is an arcade first person shooter in which the player moves a cursor on screen and shoots on screen enemies. The player can also shoot health and weapon pick ups to collect them.

Part 3 Edit

The third game, based on the third Die Hard movie is a driving simulator in which the player drives a car and runs over bombs to stop them from blowing up and destroying Manhattan.

However, the controls in the driving levels are not all that great.

Why is this the best video game ever? Edit

The game has so much to offer. It has 3 games on one disc, a third person action, an arcade shooter and a driver, the game has something in it for everyone. And the PlayStation copy is one of those discs that works as an audio CD, and what makes that better is it has a lit OST! One of the best video game soundtracks ever, along with Treasure Planet for PS2.

Sequel Edit

Four years after the legendary DHT came out, an obscure studio known as n-Space made a "sequel", Die Hard Trilogy 2 Viva Las Vegas for PlayStation.

Viva Las Vegas is a sequel story line game in which John McClane is invited by a friend of his to a party in Las Vegas, but a prison break happens there with the prison guards helping. McClane goes to deal with this.

It's a newer game so it supports analog control and vibration. Viva Las Vegas made a lot of improvements from the first Die Hard Trilogy. The controls can be customized to what suits the player, choosing what button does what. The arcade shooter levels are more sane and playable, though not as intense, and the driving simulator has better controls and mechanics and is playable. Viva Las Vegas also has training levels of its' gameplay and an arcade mode in which the game can be played entirely in any of the three gameplay styles.

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