Mammoth Supremacy 55 had plans for many videos for December 2018, including a series of reviews on Disney Interactive video games. However, he has chosen to cancel all of his plans for December for the sake of plans for 2019. Should he have worked on his December videos first, his plans for 2019 would be delayed. Therefore, he has cancelled all of his videos for December.

Below is a list of the videos planned for December that were then scrapped:

Cancelled December Videos Edit

DisneyCember Edit

DisneyCember was a plan to review Disney Interactive video games. Below lists the reviews of this series.

  • Review for Tiggers' Honey Hunt on PlayStation and N64
  • Review for Atlantis The Lost Empire on PlayStation
  • Review for Tarzan Untamed on PlayStation 2
  • Review for Treasure Planet on PlayStation
  • Review for Finding Nemo on XBOX
  • Review for The Incredibles on PlayStation 2

"Will Ice Age get a remake?" (Fan Requested) Edit

Ivan of the Logos has asked Mammoth Supremacy 55 to do a video explaining if Ice Age would get a reboot or a remake or a live action remake.

Die Hard Trilogy: The Best Video Game Ever Edit

A review on the game Die Hard Trilogy and an explanation to why it is the best game ever, planned to be uploaded December 23rd. This review is planned to be delayed, meaning that it still will be made, but later.

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