DreamWorks is one of my favorite movie companies of all times! I love most of their movies, and I prefer it over most other animation studios. (or any movie studio in general)

But here are my favorites:

#5. Bee Movie Edit

The fifth DreamWorks movie I want on my list of favorite DreamWorks movies is the Bee Movie. But as it turns out, that is what I gOOOt! This movie was once against my better judgement. In other words, I didn't like it. But the internet changed my mind! I love this movie now, all special thanks to the internet!

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#4. Spirit Edit

I love this movie! There is nothing much to say, but it feels kind of underrated. That's all I got to say!

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#3. Shrek Edit

Who doesn't like Shrek? It was one of the few movies that was well received movies that actually deserved it. It was seriously a really good movie! And it was hilarious, too. Also, the movie is well known as the middle finger against Disney. You know I hate most Disney movies! So that way, I enjoy the movie Shrek even more than I did at first! However, I wanted a bit more action in it, as the movie is genre'd "action and adventure". But really, it's more of a romace comedy. But I still love the movie!

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#2. Antz Edit

DreamWorks is severely underrating a movie they made that was well received and well known by people. The movie has a great moral value of anti communism, pro individualism! It's perfect for me, based on my political bias.

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#1. Sinbad Edit

Yes! This was, is, and always will be DreamWork's best movie ever! It even has flat earth. Yes. I am a flat earther, and I'm not afraid to admit it. After all, I have weird original uncommon opinions either way.

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