Mammoth Supremacy 55, creator of Cabin Boi 24's THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA makes plans for a third installment to "The Legend".

The Third Chapter will be set to happen ten years after the events of Season Two, also known as "The Alien Wars". LOC III will be based on the last 15 episodes of the original Legends of Chima series. The age old Ice Clan is resurrected from the dead after thousands of years, and they resume their campaign of domination. The Lions receive help and guidance from The Phoenix, also known as the God of Fire. The God of Fire provides Fire CHI to the Lions, which will help them battle the Ice Clan menace.

Mammoth intends to make improvements in season three from the past two seasons.

Improvements Edit

Weapons Edit

Lions Edit

In the past two seasons, all the characters had pretty much the same one piece gun that had the same sound. "It was an okay sound" says Mammoth, "but I feel the arsenal should be more diverse. I get these ideas from all the first person shooter games I play, like Halo, Alien -vs Predator, and Turok."

Most of the Lion Soldiers are going to be issued with SMGs, and the sniper rifles will be used too, but scopes will be added on to give it the sniper rifle feel to it. Even though the arsenal is being improved, Lavertus is still going to wield the same shotgun he used in season two. "Sure, it is still one piece, which isn't creative, but Lavertus was just badass with the shotgun. The two go together."

Ice Clan Edit

The new villains will also have some interesting weapons including pulse rifles (inspired by the pulse rifle from the Aliens lore) and semi-automatic plasma rifles, inspired by the plasma cannon of Turok Evolution.

New Helicopter Edit

A new helicopter will appear in Season Three that will carry troops. It is provided by the Eagles to transport a platoon of Lion Marines in the episode "Requiem".

Who are the new Villains? Edit

The villains are inspired by that of the Ice Clan from the original Legends of Chima series. The Ice Clan is an ancient army of Saber Tooth Tigers, Mammoths, and Vultures hellbent on dominating CHIMA for centuries. The leader of this army is Lord Fangar of the Saber Tooths. His main generals are his son Stealthor, Erut of the Mammoth Clan, and Strainor of the Saber Tooths.

Villain Character Bios Edit

Saber Tooth Tiger Clan Edit

Lord Fangar Edit

Lord Fangar is the revolutionist Saber Tooth Tiger responsible for starting the Ice Clan. Once long ago when he attempted to master the Elements and he was at the stage of creating Ice in his trials of the Element of Water, he simultaneously sought desires of domination.

Lord Fangar
Lord Fangar then started the ancient covenant that is the Ice Clan.

Prince Stealthor Edit

Stealthor is the biological son of Lord Fangar and he is the Prince of the Saber Tooth Tigers. He introduces himself to Lavertus sometime in the later half of Season Three. The two then have a personal rivalry like Commander Deka's conflict with Captain Ice.

Stealthor makes very brief and anonymous cameos in the first few episodes of Season Three. His identity is unknown until he introduces himself to Lavertus in the episode "The Fire Sword".

Note: Stealthor is seen wearing a cape similar to Fangars' sometimes.

General Norbad Strainor Edit

Strainor is another commanding general of the Ice Clan, but not as highly ranked as Prince Stealthor or General Erut of the Mammoths. Strainor is under command of Stealthor or Erut, but still has control over a militia of his own, of Saber Tooth Tiger and Vulture soldiers. Strainor is the brute of the Saber Tooth Tiger Clan. In the Fire and Ice Wars, his arch nemesis is Worriz of the Wolves.

Oddly enough, Strainor had a hate for the Wolves, even in the Genesis days when the Wolves actually helped the Ice Clan.

Strainor is a vile brute, he likes to torture his opponents to death, and after they're dead, he likes to hack the dead body with his spiked weapon for fun.

Strainor met his death in a fight against Worriz as he and his fellow Wolves were fighting to free themselves from Strainor's army of Saber Tooths and Vultures. Worriz had cut off both of Strainor's arms and then decapitated him. Though, Strianor had called in for back up that may have been too late to save him, but they killed Worriz anyway.

General Khan Edit

General Khan is another Saber Tooth Tiger. He commands an army only of fellow Saber Tooth Tigers. Khan has a personal conflict with Cragger in The Fire and Ice Wars.

General Khan

In a duel with Cragger, Khan meets his fate as he is anonymously blasted to death with a shotgun. It is later revealed that Khans' killer was Xagar, who offers to help Cragger in the liberation of the Swamp.

Note: The character of General Khan is inspired by the Sirox figure, though unlike the Sirox figure, General Khan has an Ice Arm.

Mammoth Clan Edit

General Erut Edit

Erut is the highest ranking Mammoth in the Ice Clan. He is considered to be "Fangar's Best". Erut has been responsible for thousands of deaths of Lions, Gorillas, Rhinos, and many other creatures, including some deaths at his own hand. Erut has the strongest faith in Fangar's Ice Cult, and does Fangar's will with pleasure and pride.

General Erut
Erut fights Rogon and Gorzan as they lead a liberation in the jungle against the suppresive force of the Mammoths. Erut bests them and takes them to the Ice Fortress as prisoners to Lord Fangar, who then kills him in brutal fights inside the Ice Fortress' arena.

Erut supposedly killed Laval in the Lions' assault to liberate the Gorillas from the Mammoths. The two were fighting inside a Mammoth fort that self destructed while Laval was inside. Erut escaped, though.

fun fact: General Erut's voice was meant to sound like that of Arnold Scwarzenneger. This was inspired by the fact that Erut is an unstoppable fighter, like Arnold in every role he's played.

Note: General Erut sometimes wears a cape similar to that of Sir Fangars'.

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