Buck is a 2018 fan fiction stop motion of the Ice Age franchise explaining the origin of how Buck from Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Ice Age Collision Course found the world of Dinosaurs and lived with them.

It was released October 27, 2018.

Trailer Edit

A trailer for the stop motion film has been uploaded on October 20th, 2018 to aware fans of the upcoming film and generate fan base hype.

In the trailer, the character narrates about being an adventurer while grayscale footage of the movie is playing, which shows him dodging a spear thrown by a human, wrestling a jaguar, and avoiding a stampeding rhino, who he jumps on top of. Afterwards, it shows him talking to a bear, but it is unknown what they are saying, since Buck is narrating. The title of the film shows up in white letters while the track "Manny to the Rescue" from Ice Age 3 plays.

Known Synopsis (Pre-Release) Edit

The film is an Ice Age fan fiction stop motion film explaining the origin of the character Buck from the Ice Age series. Buck is an adventurer mainly for the thrill, but he feels it is a shame not to be famous doing such intense risky things. One day, he discovers the alternate world where the Dinosaurs live.

Mammoth Supremacy 55, the creator of the film wants the film to happen as far back from the third Ice Age movie as possible. He then decides to set it to happen at the same time as the first Ice Age film. As much as Mammoth Supremacy 55 likes the Ice Age sequels, he sees that there are fans of the first Ice Age film that do not like the sequels, so his objective is to make Buck have the spirit of the first film, and be faithful to its nature so that fans of the first movie that do not like the sequels can enjoy Buck.

Because he sets the film Buck to happen at the same time as the first movie, he also made the film to reflect that of the first film, as in having similarities, like a mirror image to the first Ice Age film.

Plot Edit

Buck is an adventurer for the thrill, and fun. But he feels it is a shame to risk his life without being known for it. But one day, the migration South happens, but he does not go. Instead, he walks into a cave and discovers an amazing world of exotic creatures! He meets a three horned creature, and develops a friendship with her. He names her Threehorn, after the three horns on her head. Threehorn introduces Buck to an entire herd of dinosaurs, lead by a creature with a long neck, who Buck names Longneck after his long neck. But that is when Buck learned about the other creatures, the "other humans and tigers". The herd goes on a journey for a month, making many stops, including one at a bone yard that the dinosaurs mourn at.

Later on, they cross a lava field and a spine backed creature jumps in and tries to attack the herd. Threehorn fights Spine, defending the herd. Spine runs off. The journey continues until the herd stops at a river. Threehorn follows where the water comes from, and that leads them to a lush jungle paradise. Buck and the herd of dinosaurs stay to live there. One month later, the predator dinosaurs gather together to hunt the herd. Once they reach the jungle, a battle happens. Threehorn stands out, ready to fight if Spine attacks. A battle goes on, and the predators fence off the herd as Spine brutally knocks down Longneck with his tail. Buck stands there, and screams "NO!". Spine quickly stares at him, slowly approaching his prey. Threehorn fights the predators and makes her way to stop Spine. Spine is knocked into the bottom of a cliff, and rocks from above avalanche on him. Threehorn growls to scare off the other predators. Longneck makes it okay, and Buck is grateful. He sees a cave leading to back out to his home. He then returns, wanting to tell his friends from the Ice Age world his great story. Buck then returns to live in the world of dinosaurs forever. Sadly, Buck would never see the herd of dinosaurs again.

Parallels to Ice Age Edit

As Buck was made to happen at the same time as Ice Age, it was made as a parallel to the first film. Many of its elements are reflective of it.

  • (DELETED SCENE) The Rhino that Buck wrestles was actually Carl from the first film. He then says that he will go have a salad with his friend Frank.
  • The boneyard scene where Threehorn mourns at the dinosaur grave reflects Manny's flashback in the cave, and uses the same sound track. "Checking out the Cave" plays several times in the film, including the Collision Course remade variant.
  • Spine's introduction scene is like the Lava danger scene, as it happens in a lava place, and it uses the same sound track.
  • Spine and Threehorn's showdown is identical to the Soto and Manny showdown. The same track is used also. Longneck is taken down like Diego, Buck screams no and Spine sees him, like how Sid showed up with the baby. Threehorn rams Spine into the wall and the rocks avalanche on him like when Manny threw Soto into the wall and the icicles fell on him.

Soundtrack Edit

The stop motion film used sound tracks by John Powell, David Newman, and John Debney. It also featured the Bliss 66 song "Not Quite Paradise" from TITAN A.E.

Main Theme:

Amazing Discovery:


Dinosaur Boneyard:


The Final Battle:

Featuring the song "Not Quite Paradise" by Bliss 66 from TITAN A.E.

Sequels? Edit

Fans crave a sequel, which Mammoth is not 100% sure of doing.

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