In 1998, Dream Works and Pixar have competed each other with making a movie about ant characters. DreamWorks made Antz, and Pixar made A Bug's Life. There are many stories to how this happened. Some say Antz ripped off A Bug's Life (But Antz was released first, making A Bug's Life the rip off. But the idea for Antz was first about in 1993. At that time, Pixar was working on Toy Story. But someone else said that John Lassater, the head of Pixar was angry at Jeff Katzenberg for leaving Disney and told him about their plan of "A Bug's Life" which gave Katzenberg the advantage.

Personally, I, (Cabin Boi 24) would have to route for Antz. A Bug's Life was trash in my opinion. Here is why:

  • This movie is not a rip off of a bugs life. The two have nothing in common except for ant characters. That was the idea, since the two were meant to be ant movies for competition purposes.
  • Antz came out first, so if one or the other is a rip off movie, it is a bugs life.
  • This movie is far better as it has a conservative moral value (That individualism is important, and socialism is dangerous), a good sense of humor, and Dream Works is not afraid to have swear words in their movies. A bugs life has a poor taste for humor and enlightens things like socialism and homosexuality, so Antz totally wins.
  • If you still think it is a rip off of a bugs life, then guess what? Dream Works movies like Antz and Shrek are parodies of Disney and Pixar movies. They are middle fingers and f bombs against Disney. And Disney is actually a Freemason studio and their movies are evil. And I hate most of their movies. Dream Works on the other hand, makes movies that are either Christian/Jewish based, and/or have Conservative moral values, they are entertaining to watch, they have a good sense of humor, they can be mature about serious issues, and they are not afraid to use swearing in their movies.

Dream Works totally beats up Disney in every possible way.

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