So, just a couple weeks ago, I fished off a marathon of Alien movies in my spare time of making "LEGENDS OF CHIMA". If you have not seen my previous stop motion, then go check it out!

But just to let you know, I have not seen the movie Covenant yet, so it will not be showcased in this list. But here we go!

#5. Prometheus Edit

Prometheus is the prequel to the Alien Quadrilogy. Honestly, it was not that great in my opinion. But of course it is not an awful movie. Probably because it is overloaded with CGI, has an HD picture quality, and does not have much of the same stuff from the original movies, does not have that nostalgic feeling of the original movies. And you do not have to watch it, but if you want some background on Alien, then go ahead.

I have to rank this movie a 5/10.

#4. Alien Resurrection Edit

I was hyped up to see this movie. I originally only saw the first three Alien movies but as I was nosy enough to scroll through the bonus features, I stumbled upon a trailer for Alien 4. I wanted to see it so bad, being a die hard fan of Alien and all. Eventually, I found it at last! The holy grail- eh, not that holy. It was okay, but probably since it was a newer movie from '97, it was obviously going to have CGI in it, and it feels way different from the original 3. However, the story arch of the character development with Ripley and the space pirates was a bit intriguing and made some improvement from the poor character development of the first movie. But an interesting fact is that the computer animation was done by Blue Sky Studios, the Conservative Christian studio in Connecticut that made Ice Age and Robots!

Over all, I have to rank Alien Resurrection a 7/10.

#3. Alien Edit

Now, don't be a triggered fanboy! I have my reasons for the first Alien only being #3 on this list. As good and enjoyable as this movie was, all of the characters did not seem to have good character development and background, but they still had character traits that were enjoyable, and there was only one Xenomorph and not much footage of it and not enough action. But hey, this is how a Sci-Fi phenomenon started! So I have to cut it some slack. (I'd have had it #4 on the list, but for some reason it is more enjoyable to watch than Alien Resurrection)

I also rank this movie a 7/10.

#2. Alien3 Edit

Again, do not be a triggered fanboy! I honestly do not understand why people do not like Alien3. I loved it! Sure, there was only one Xenomorph like in the first movie, but at least this one has more action with the Xenomorph in it. And the plot was the most intriguing story for an Alien movie ever! And the sacrifice scene at the end is so emotional, it tears me up every time! However, the movie has washed out, warm colors most of the time, which is kind of boring to see, but I let that pass. The action and the social commentary is what makes the movie so interesting!

So I have to rank this movie a 9/10.

Alien 3 sacrafice scene

Alien 3 sacrafice scene

#1. Aliens Edit

The second Alien movie is undoubtedly my favorite one. It is the all-I-want-in-an-Alien-movie. It has many Xenomorphs in it, which guarantees that there will be more action in it, and it has colonial marines in it. And I love watching war movies, even if it is just fiction like this! And Ripley rescues a little girl named Newt, who at the end calls her "mommy" which is just EMOTIONAL! It's sad she did not survive the cryo tube in Alien 3.

I have to rank it a 10/10!


But there you have it! My ranking of Alien movies from least favorite to most favorite!

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